Jahil Online beaten up

For those who wanted to extract aome sort of sweet revenge on His Fraudulent-Majesty Prince Aamir Liaquat Hussain – you (including me) have sadly missed the golden opportunity, when he was mobbed and severely beaten up while going to attend Mufti Atiq’s funeral. The official verison is that his cars windscreens were smashed by the enraged mob, but unoffically the version goes….

Jahil Online arrives to the funeral in a police escort, both the protecting vehicles were disabled by the mob and his car was smashed when the mob finally got hands on this fake religious scholar he was then dragged inside the madrassah and served with a decent helping of smak-aroos. Enough to shake him up, he was then locked up in the room where he made frantic calls pleading for help. He refused exit under a normal police protection and only left the madrassah in an armoured car (some one was chicken shit scared ;) – honestly he should worry more about what will happen at the Day of Judgement).

By now everyone reading this blog very well knows that I simply hate his gutts, simply can’t stand him even for a moment as I feel he is a crook and a shameless liar. I curse myself at have not been there to serve him a decent helping of a Teeth Maestro’s left-uppercut knockout-serving one-two Jab, missed another golden opportunity shit! shit! shit!. I assure you I am not a violence oriented person and would condemn such incidents, but some promises are meant to be broken. Once only please!

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