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Inblogs.net – Slap the Block for Indians


Yasir Memon & Naveed Memon have come yet again to save the blogging community from the douldrums to have launched Inblogs.net which is similar to pkblogs but more suited for the Indian traffic.

On July 17th the Indian Government has started blocking a number of websites specifically Blogspot, Typepad and Geocities. This comes as a sudden shock to the very active blogging community in India of which a few actually generate a significant amount of revenue in this business. If you care to take part in the on-going discussion it can be found on Bloggers Collective

I am also proud to mention that a few Pakistani creations have come into immediate use by the Indians and we are proud to share our resources with our Indian counterparts as a show of support in the hope of making friends across the border. We are more than willing to shed our differences and stand together to protest this ban both in India and Pakistan.

Of interest is the list of websites that is being presently blocked by the Indian Govt copied from the List of Banned Sites

    hinduunity.org was blocked in Pakistan also

For more info check out these links
Wiki – Bloggers Against Censorship
Outlook India.com Blocking the Blogs

  • Hey good to see the Blog Police on the scene in seconds…!

    Good going! Keep it up!

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  • Unbelievable. India bills itself as the world’s largest democracy, and then they pull this?

    Then again, my country (the USA) isn’t exactly perfect either…

  • pkblogs came as a lifesaver to many of my friends in India! :)

  • Great effort. Its good to see us against them (govt.) and I’d like to believe that we are winning censorship.


  • Edhi’s Son

    Indian democracy, here my friends what is known as an oxymoron.

    Wait, is that the same country that

    * has the caste system
    * lets minorities get massacred
    * says that you can’t get government aid if you convert to a monotheistic religion…

    the list goes on…

  • Karan Deshmukh, Indi

    All of the aforementioned sites have been blocked in India too except for hinduunity.org and I believe that the site is highly proposterous!!! I mean it is so darn provocative, I bet it is still left ignored by concerned authorities in India just cuz it is anonymously maintained by RSS and other Hindu right-wing organizations in the country.

    Just to clear it up, I am an Indian and a Hindu, but I don't subscribe to such iniquitously wicked ideologies, like most educated Indian, its the uneducated lower class who is influenced by such communal thinking and unfortunately they form quite a sizable amount of our population!!!

  • junaid

    Karan Deshmukh,

    What about the junior Gandhis? do they belong to the 'uneducated' lower class?

  • Karan Deshmukh, Indi

    Dear Junaid,

    I reckon you are referring to Varun Gandhi, well lemme tell you, most people are absolutely disappointed by his mindless speeches. He's considered a political Joker in the current scenario. Moreover, his claims of being a 'Gandhi' are sure worthy of some scrutiny. One might not have had much of a quarrel with him had he laid claims to being a ‘Nehru’. But straightaway bidding for the ‘Gandhi’ jackpot is sure to backfire on him. Spoilsports are sure to point out that he is Nehru’s great-grandson, but in no way connected to ‘the’ Gandhi. It is merely a matter of sociological interest that his grandfather, Feroze, happened to carry the caste name of Gandhi! A liquor baron, known for his flamboyant display of wealth and his Epicurean tastes in the ‘good’ things of life, can now lay claims to being a ‘Gandhian’! He's a completely underprepared ‘politician’, claiming to be a Gandhi in the same breath as spewing communal venom! And again, all of his communal techniques are primarily meant to garner votes from uneducated and poor Hindus. But he miserably failed in doing that cuz he was charged with the stringent National Security Act (N.S.A) and was expelled from contesting elections.