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For the Love of Pakistan

This is a commemorative post made on 14th August to mark the 59th Independence Day of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. I am born and bred Pakistani and I assure you I am emotionally patriotic enough to even die for this country of mine.

14th Aug Celebrations

This 14th August to me is a proud moment to see my country achieve 59 years of freedom, though a bit turbulent but it remains a proud & independent nation.

Looking at the present global situation I feel the future for Pakistan is going to be tough as I dread to see it come against some serious pressure and may even have to buckle with the demands that may be forced onto it by the financial bullies of the world (read US). On my end I truly resolve that my blog will be the free voice of all Pakistanis even if hell breaks loose, this free voice is ready to stand against all destabilizing powers both internal idiots or any international agency that may have its sights on the sovereignty of Pakistan. In this commemorative post I would like to pass a message to all the spooky monitoring Big Brother agencies (read CIA, FBI, ISI, RAW & MI5) which may have this blog under close observations (I like to humor myself) this blogger has a desperate itch to kick you all in the arse but I choose to remain peaceful and choose this medium as my battle against all your oppressive designs, on a side note I would like to inform you that I am not involved with any Al-Qaeda network (your brand name to indite all Muslims) or whatever terrorist agency you may like to associate me with. I remain a true Muslim and a patriotic Pakistani to the end.

Enough of my rant – I would like to wish A very Happy Independence Day to every Pakistani on the face of the earth, may Pakistan continue to hold its head up high forever more
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  • destituterebel |

    Doc Sahib, Jashn-e-Azadi Mubarak. May Allah enable us to be usefull to our country in times of its needs, and may He help you in your mission to protect the country from all evil.

  • Checkmate |

    Happy Independence Day, Dr. Saheb. I am a fan of your and Olive Ream’s blogs. I trust that you will remain the voice of sanity and truth.

    Take care and God Bless you nad your family.

  • aysha waheed |

    being a pakistani girl i must say that no doubt pakistan is facing many tough situations now-a-days but still we will not loose our hearts and sit by putting hand on hand we should do for our country how much we can do and inshaalah pakistan will be on the top of this world touching the sky.