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Salary of a Pakistani MNA

National Assembly of Pakistan

I have recently come across a few interesting facts regarding the pay scale and fringe benefits enjoyed by each member of our National Assembly. One tends to wonder what we are doing at wasting so much of money on a ghost assembly whose job is to do …… NOTHING, everyone knows they have no powers but quite simply play the game as it create a silver lining in their pockets both in terms of official perks and all the unofficial perks they must be enjoying.

The current batch of 534 342 MNA’s have done nothing apart from bashing their tables or quite often staging a walk-out in protest, I have occasionally had the displeasure to watch this circus on TV and it appears that these illiterate hooligans quite often simply don’t understand the issue at hand let alone comprehend its importance for its benefits or disadvantages on behalf which may impact the very constituents who elected him into office in the first place.

Pakistani MNA’s Salary and Government Perks

Monthly Salary
Rs. 120,000 to 200,000
Expense for Constitution per month
Office expenditure per month
Traveling concession (Rs. 8 per km)
(For a visit to ISLAMABAD & return: 6000 km)
Daily BETA during Assembly meets
Charge for 1 class (A/C) in train
(All over PAKISTAN)
Free Unlimited
Charge for Business Class in flights
(With wife or P.A.)
Free for 40 trips / year
Rent for Govt hostel any where
Electricity costs at home
Free up to 50,000 units
Local phone call charge
Free up to 1,70,000 calls.
TOTAL expense for a MNA per year
Rs. 32,000,000
TOTAL expense for 5 years
Rs. 1,60,000,000
For 534 342 MNA, the expense for 5 years
Rs.8,54,40,000,000 Rs. 5,47,20,000,000
(over 550 crores)

Please keep in mind that these numbers totalling over Rs. 550 crore are only the official estimates one can easily imagine the unofficial sums easily acquire by a man in such a position.

  • I’ll make two positive comments:
    1. This compensation is handsome enough to encourage many to run for the NA, which might help solve the problem you pointed out.

    2. An honest member is paid enough that he can afford to stay honest. Of course, if they don’t pass laws, there wouldn’t be much opportunity for wrongdoing would there?

    Maybe there should be a new Bloggers Party?

  • wow look at the perks. i want to be an MNA as well. Its a shame that its never enough for them. They just want more and more. its all about the benjamins or in our case its all about the quaids.

  • OMG!!! this sort of a compensation plan must be the envy of any employee and a nightmare of any HR manager. But they want more and more….It’s human nature, but these guys prove to be filthy assholes.

  • where did the comment go?!! (:o)

  • Arshad Karim

    Re: Pakistani MNA Salaries…..
    The figure for 5 years is not 550 Crore. It is 5500 crores. or Lets forget crores and call it Rs55 Billions. Simple Maths… You can argue there is a lot of investment by these MNAs at the outset and this job is becoming more competive by the day. Good Luck Pakistan and Regard

  • farooq

    hi all
    I just visit this link and i am become so sad that a member of such a poor country take such type of salaries we have selected these to do something for the wellbeing of pakistan but they are only filling their pockets beside this huge salaries they are also involved in corruption may allah keep pak from destruction

  • Faraz

    Are these salary facts true and correct? Did anyone has official statistics about MNAs and MPAs salaries? How can we verify these salaries? There should be some goverment site or newspaper link for it.

  • Saima

    About the comment that the high level of salaries might discourage corruption, well, the kind of people that become MNAs and MPAs usually have existing alternative incomes, they are usually ‘jagirdars’ or retired army officials. So in any case, their motivation for becoming MNAs and MPAs is to maximize what they can drain out of the public coffers. That, of course, means that there is very little to propel Pakistan forward. How come such few people from the posts above don’t seem to mind the fact that money that rightlfully belongs to the people and the ocuntry is being spent by fat, well fed, and useless potholes?

    Ah well, such is life.

  • Khalid Parvez

    If all is true, HORRIBLE for a country like Pakistan.

  • U HUssein

    Why is this information so important? If we are willing to discuss the salary and benefits of Pakistan’s elected representatives then we should also analyze the salary, benefits and all the perks of Pakistan’s Generals in and out of uniform ! Why is it that the Paksitani Generals are the richest generals in the world? Even the retired and serving generals in the Western countries don’t come anywhere close to the generals in U.K. , USA, France, Germany, Japan !

    So lets be fair when we talk about the elected representatives as oppose to land grabbers, theives in uniform.

    U Hussein

    • sandhu

      wow…………..where are you living sir……………….u are comparing the generals in west ………………and their pay and perks…………..let me tell u one thing ………… they were not grown up on donkey carts. THANK YOU. I have no idea where that staistics you have your hands on. You have to do alot of reading dear.

  • Dr.Tariq

    Asalmo Alikum,
    Our discussion always stuck between Politician and Military General, both of them are evils because they are under a corrupt system and we have to get rid this system and then we would see the same people serving Islam as Aws and Khazrahj of Medina. When they were under corrupt leaders they use to fight for decades on a miner issue and when there leaders killed on one of the battle know asjang-e-baaz then those same people became the guardians of this Deen. This would only happened when we would understand the true meaning of Politics in Islam and the role of a Muslim Army. Anyhow I want to focus on why a person would want to become MNA.

    There are two main reasons why a person would want to become MNA;
    1- After becoming an MNA he would then perform a duty of Allah (swt), Many of you might be thinking oh HOW can he or she be performing the duty of Allah (Swt), so let me tell you that people who are sitting in the National assembly do legislation which is the work of Allah (swt) he is the only legislator. There are numerous Ayats of Quran-e-Kareem which talks about this issue.

    In the Glorious Quran:

    Allah (SWT) says in the translation of the meaning of the Quran ul-Kareem (TMQ):

    1. “But no, by your Lord, they will not have Eeman until they make you (O Prophet) rule between them in that which they dispute, and they find in their souls no resistance against your decisions, but accept them with the fullest conviction” (TMQ 4:65).

    2. “Indeed, we have revealed to you the book with the truth so that you may rule between mankind by that which Allah has shown you” (TMQ 4:105).

    3. “So rule between them by that which Allah has revealed, and follow not their desires, but beware of them in case they seduce you from just some part of that which Allah has revealed to you” (TMQ 4:49).

    4. “Whosoever does not rule by that which Allah has revealed, they are disbelievers (Kafiroon)…..the thaalimoon (oppressors)….the fasiqoon (evil doers)”
    (TMQ 4. 5:44-47)

    These ayahs (versus) of Quran, and many others, prove beyond doubt the obligation of ruling by what Allah has revealed. The first one in particular refers to the Muslims directly by stating that we have no real Imaan (belief) until we make them judge between us by Allah’s revelation. This is an indication of the obligation for all Muslims to establish Allah’s ruling system.

    Apart for Ayats there are countless Ahadith of our beloved prophet (Saw) which clarify this issue further with out leaving a shade of doubt in our mind.

    2-The second thing which attract a person to become MNA is his or her personal interest. Therefore we see people spending many Koror rupees to secure a seat in the parliament because he or she knows that once the get elected then there spoken word would become a law for the other and then they can earn double or triple to which they have spend on Election.

    There is a simple solution for this problem in Islam. In Islam it is clear to every one that the role of MAjlisul Shora or Majlisul Ummah is not legislation rather it is purely consultation and thats it. The power of legislation is taken away from the members of the Majlis-e-shora. There cant be any voting on the prohibition of Riba, there cant take place any debate on the prohibition of Khamr (sharab) or zina and there cant be any debate on the issue of privatizing public properties. As it is very clearly mention in one of the Hadith that THREE THINGS CANT BE PRIVITIEZED. FIRE (ALL ENERGY PRODUCING RESOURSES), WATER, GREEN PARTURES. Which unfortunately is not only opened for discussion in Democracy rather which we see implemented in Islamic Republic of Pakistan and almost all Muslim countries.

    Looking at the above privileges of the MNAs and the majority of un-privilege class and not only in Pakistan rather the ummah in specific and the whole world in general are suffering from this sever condition of poverty, illiteracy, corruption, disease, crimes etc we have to work hard to take our self and the whole of humanity out of this sever darkness to the light of Islam. As a Mulish it is our prime duty because we are send to this world for a specific purpose and that purpose is to lead the world from the darkness of Kufr to the light of Haq. Only then we would be able to say that I am a true Muslim and only then we would be Khair Ummah.

    Thanks and Jazakallah khair.

  • A I Chaudhary


    excerpt from an article published in business recorder

    Salaries and perks of elected representatives
    ARTICLE (July 10 2006): There has been interesting exchange of e-mail between some friends recently on the issue of salary and perks of our National Assembly members. It originated in North America, which shows the interest Pakistani immigrants still take in national politics.

    Somebody sent an e-mail to a friend who is a retired civil servant now living in Canada. He forwarded this to friends in Pakistan.

    All the figures given by the primary mover of the e-mail were way high than what our representatives are getting. According to this gentleman each MNA gets in terms of salary and perks around Rs 32 million per annum. But MNA Chaudry Aitzaz Ahsan, who is one of the few upright men of the house, hurried to put the record straight.

    He explained that all an MNA gets in cash as salary and allowances after deduction is Rs 41,500 per month, which comes to Rs 498,000 per annum and not the fantastic sum of Rs 32 million! He clarified that each MNA has to pay for his accommodation, electricity and phone charges from this package.

    However, there are some travelling allowances for the parliamentarians for commuting between their constituency to Islamabad to attend the sessions and the meetings.

    What he forgot to mention (I hope inadvertently) was that each parliamentarian also gets Rs 3,750 daily allowance for the days she/he attends the assembly or the Senate session. The same allowance is also admissible for the number of days they attend meetings of various committees.

    Now the National Assembly and Senate have to meet for at least 120 and 100 days respectively, in a year. Add to this around 30 days, which can be claimed for travelling. So roughly a member of the parliament gets another Rs 562,000 annually under the head of daily allowance.

    This brings the total package to around Rs 1,060,500 per annum and to Rs 88,000 per month. Aitzaz says: “And then you require an MNA to entertain constituents, run a household, bring up and educate kids, meet the costs of his campaign and his office, pay his phone, gas and electricity bills on just this salary” (his figure Rs 41,000). “If I had no income other than the MNA’s salary and emoluments which is a total take-home of Rs 41,500 per month… (imagine gas, electricity, fuel, food item bills in at least two establishments of necessity: one at home and one in Islamabad), I would never contest elections to the Assembly. I might have even left politics altogether.”

    Not surprisingly on salaries and perks both the members of the treasury benches and the opposition share the same view. Media and other members of the civil society consistently lambaste the elected representatives on this issue. In a country where per capita income is just over four grand this criticism is not strange. There was also criticism of US parliamentarians when they raised their salaries to over $163,000 a year, so we are not the only one…..


  • Raj

    very similar to indian mna salary as well….? Fake ? i think so. No one knows what the pakistan mna salary is

  • Naiyer

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! What are they gonna spend on the poor population of this country?

  • g.m Raisani

    the all representatives are the black sheep they are not concern for the common man but to make their families by boosting the culture of nepotism and coruption …..from lower clerck to the president each and everyone is thinking for individual intrest but no one is there to take initiatives for the poor and reslove the problems of inflation,poverty,child labour,terrified increasing rates of the petroleum,flour and other eatables ……what pathetic conditions we are going under …yet no true leader is there to bring true reloutionary changes in fully positive manner to solve the conflicts through negotiations as well and reduce the facilties of the MPA’s and MNA’s.

  • AJ Chhema

    Each General in pakistan during his tenure will be making around 55 crore. Look at the land they grab and arms deals they make commission out of that. This Musharraf sold nuclear story in his book and made few million dollars. These generals are no good and in fact Pakistan army should be banned. lets reach a deal with India and stop Pakistan army from Pakistan. They are not Pak but “NAPAK Army”

  • Rashid Hussain

    Dear AJ Chhema – Remember that Pakistan army is good for country. they occupied lal majid in just 10 days operation. overall see that they surrendered within 10 days to India in 1971. so look at the capaibility increase since 1971. They also have taken revenge for losing war in 1971 by buliding army / askari building socieities of area equivalent to East Pakistan. Look at real growth they have contributed to nation. In 1971 a genral was making crores andf now they are making ten of croroes. by the way did you meant to say 550 crore above there. On average they will be making abount 2-3 crore per month so in a year it will come to abount 36 crore and say as a Gneral life of 10 year it comes to 360 crore plus extra plots plus arm deals commission it will be around 550 crore.

  • Retd. General Tariq Majid

    chhema and Rashid: I am really very sorry to read your poor english comments on Pakistan Army. Your english was very inncorect and a few times the usage of the words was also very bad. You should try to improve your english. Please visit any general home and you will see the real flow of english. Look at retd. general pervaiz Musharraf house and you see his son bilal excellent english. You civilians can not do a single thing right we in army atleast did one thing right by becoming first army to occupy their own country.

  • Retd. General Pervaiz Musharraf

    Oh Tariq Majid you traitor I made you a core commander and then gave you etc 15 plots in CDA Islamabad. You are now pointing out to my son. please blame every thing to Shauket Aziz as he was preime minister of pakistan for 5 years.

  • Shaukat Aziz

    No, you forgetful old man. I wasn’t a prime minister for a full 5 years. I shared this duration with 2 of your other puppets. Jalami and Shujayat Hussain… remember!!

  • Shaukat Aziz

    Jamali, not Jalami

    Shortcut Aziz

  • Retd. General Pervaiz Musharraf

    Shaukat – you were all in all for five years. Please you come and stand with me on this stupid issue of impeachment.

  • Adnan Rasheed

    please don’t waist your time to think what is salary of a MNA or MPA the main thing is are they work according to thier salary if they work accordingly then dear it is not surprising matter because if one chairman of a bank receive about 5 to 8 lacs rupees per month even bank is a too small entity so i think no matter how many they get salary.

  • Retd. General Pervaiz Musharraf

    I am almost dead now. Look what has happened to me. I was like kings now I am like a slave. Oh – People of Pakistan bring me back please….I was very stupid to leave army….I am stupid I am stupid….oh my army oh my presidentship…oh my uniform…..you stupid USA u let me down.

  • a.samad


  • sir my coment is here i hunderstood that MNA will not becom country in a development sir he is just heating but the country 50% bujot he is eating he is not right for a country Marshalla is the best every one is giving duty one time

  • Waqas

    Can you please provide a reference of where you got these figures from ?

    you mentioned these are official estimates.

    I want to confirm the authenticity of These figures.

    Please advise.


    IT IS shamful for leadership of Pakistan to have such high rate of solary,it is the land where poor prople have no sources even to buy their food 2 times in a day and leaders are enjoying a luxrious life after extracting every droplet of blood from the vains of poor people of Pakitan…..

  • The comments of Rtd General Musharaf and Ex PM Shauket Aziz are real, did they write these comments ? Can anyone verify this ?

  • sana

    dont worry

    Retd. General Pervaiz Musharraf

    your time was good.

    paki nation is facing now more bad time.

    Allah hee bachaye ab inn curropt logon se

    we are ashamed to give them vote.

  • Munir Ahmed

    wao, this is a real peoplezz thth enjoing life like yahodies , any body knows whats the end of them and what will do in Qabar..??

  • shajboy

    i think that their salary is just alright. if you want honest and dedicated ppl in the parliament, then you have to make a parliamentarian's pay package lucrative so that young ppl instead of looking for other jobs come into politics.

  • MBR

    They are all jahannami.

  • Luqman

    People have no Sugure but MNA's Enjoy every sipe of hot cup.


  • Zee

    hmmm amzaing may ALLAH evry1 willl be de MNA ov PAKiii……

  • yasir

    hi pakistan is poor country but mna exp is very high 6crore 1 mna along with corupation is we want INKALAB to kill all corupt people












  • Ali

    Could not have imagined how people hate their representatives, did you not vote them for this job? Lets forget that part, anyone from within you all have ever thought or by any chance know how much is required of a member? Did you know electors actually line up to ask for cash from the MNA's for their day to day needs? (This is never provided by the government to them) Its us who make them exploit their power, most of them are the way just because you and I want them to be like that, else they dont stand a chance to be elected again for their honesty and morals.

    When we say they get paid back for the expenses they incure, even a clerk gets paid for his bikes petrol when on official duty, wheater he's govt or a private company's employee. where on the controry MNA is 24/7 on their duty for whatever duration they hold the title. Having any sense at all a person will instead aruge the point that 1 million is nothing compared to what they actually spend in 1 year.

    Its a shame how we only think of disregarding our politicans instead of think once over the fact how difficult the job is, speacialy in a third world country. Where its the representitive who has to manage your financial problems, your secutriy, your law and order, not just the setting of the boundries but to the deepth for ever elector.

    Step forward and in to their shoes for once and you should figure where you are wrong, or atleast do yourself a favour and do not stamp for the same person again.

  • Ali

    Could not have imagined how people hate their representatives, did you not vote them for this job? Let’s forget that part, anyone from within you all has ever thought or by any chance know how much is required of a member? Did you know electors actually line up to ask for cash from the MNA’s for their day to day needs? (This is never provided by the government to them) Its us who make them exploit their power, most of them are the way just because you and I want them to be like that, else they don’t stand a chance to be elected again for their honesty and morals.

    When we say they get paid back for the expenses they encure, even a clerk gets paid for his bikes petrol when on official duty, wheather he’s govt or a private company’s employee. Where on the contrary MNA is 24/7 on their duty for whatever duration they hold the title. Having any sense at all a person will instead argue the point that 1 million is nothing compared to what they actually spend in 1 year.

    It’s a shame how we only think of disregarding our politicians instead of think once over the fact how difficult the job is, especially in a third world country. Where it’s the representative who has to manage your financial problems, your security, your law and order, not just the setting of the boundaries but to the depth for ever elector.

    Step forward and in to their shoes for once and you should figure where you are wrong, or at least do yourself a favour and do not stamp for the same person again.

  • awais khan

    its very very crucial for me to know that

  • usama

    Oye all u assholes saying all this stuff about MNAs. it's stupid idiotic and moronic thinking on your part and just shows how gullible you guys are by believing all the shit that this shit head has written. an MNA gets less than 1.5 lakh salary every month. it does not vary like this idiot's post says it does. they are people in the same profession you idiot!!!

    MNAs get 2 crores per year for development. you can easily figure out which ones are corrupt by just looking over some REAL stats. development in my hometown of sargodha has been MASSIVE and we have our MNA and MPA to thank for this. i spit in your face for saying that they get 550 crores for 5 years!!! you are a dumb cunt.

    MNAs are required to travel around pakistan for their government. that is why they get free air travel WITHIN pakistan.

    i live in the house of an MNA and believe me, we donot get any free phone calls or electricity units.

    ACTUAL stats show that the most corrupt people in Pakistan are beaurocrats, NOT parliamentarians!!!!!!!!!!!

    furthermore, do u people realize wat is required of an MNA????? they stay away from their families for more than 3/4 of a year to work day in and day out for ungreatful twits like you!!!!!

    its the AWAM that have got to change this shitty attitude.

  • Kashif


    I was so stupid that I went for my studies, spend half the life in books doing my degrees, jus to earn a living.

    I did not know one does not have to be educated to earn this kind of salary and perks. I wonder how they make laws for my kind of idiots, who themselves can not read and write properly.

  • Dr Awab's Rule of relevancy and decency?????

  • zia

    ohhhhhhhh,good,i am also want to be an MNA,I A GOOD PERKS,BUT IS VERY BAD FOR OUR COUNTRY,IF OUR GOVT,THIS MONEY



  • Suhaib

    This is shameful, looking up these amounts, no one can say that we are not economically strong? Is this not the wastage of our money?? Even then these MNAs seldom pay tax.. How could they serve the poor people of Pakistan? I think Pakistai media should bring all these facts and figures into the notice of the people of Pakistan?


  • You 180millions idiots Pakistanis You have elected me your president, so let me enjoy my life ruling on you for 5 years.I want to make the whole nation complete beggers so that you won't be able to think any thing else except my name Zardari.



  • this amount is far lesser than the amount these people take out from national budjets…