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In the Line of Fire – Free PDF

For those of us (including me), who refuse to contribute to the Pervaiz Musharraf Foundation (does it really exist??) as reported a few days prior, I now present you Pervaiz Musharraf’s Book – In the Line of Fire – A Memoir in scanned PDF version freely available for you to download and try to understand what the fuss is all about.

If you enjoy the free version of the book then my advise is to donate to a credible NGO in Pakistan for eg TCF and Edhi amongst many others.

In the Line of Fire (PDF – 32MB) (link dead)
Credit for the find goes to Zack at Windmills of My Mind

DISCLAIMER: This file has been stored on the 4shared’s virtual online file storage system. It has been uploaded by a user of the 4shared system. This blog has no association with both 4shared.com and neither the original uploading author. Please be aware that it may infringe upon copyright laws if you choose to download the electronic file at your own risk.

  • i STILL will not like to read it!

  • Goody :)

  • It is illegal to scan copyrighted stuff or create a duplicate of any such material.

    I condemn this effort who so ever done this. What is the difference between a ROBBER who mug people and a person who VOILATES the copyright act.

    I pity those (self-righteous) people who just point figure at others instead of assessing their own acts.

  • thats true. i hope u dont get urself in trouble coz u have posted a link to the book on ur site. i am not condemning what you have done though. ur intentions are noble as you are making it easier for people to read the book.

  • Adnan Siddiqi

    yes awab, better you remove the link. The general’s friends might be monitoring keywords like ‘In the line of fire’ :>

  • @ Nocturnal – I may agree with you in principle, that’s the reason I have not yet downloaded the file and probably await till I get over with the mental block of buying the book. Honestly reading this book via PDF is probably the most difficult task at hand and I am just not that crazy just yet. As far as the link goes – I’m just sharing the love…

    @ Shobz – the book is NOT hosted on my server and neither was uploaded by me on 4shared.com – I just found the link and am just sharing the love…

  • hey doc i know u havent uploaded the book or hosted there. :) all i said was that i hope u dont get into trouble coz u have a link on ur site. i never mentioned anything about hosting or u uploading it. its just like the example of a bit torrent site where they host the torrents and the tracker. sure they dont have the file but then they do provide the link to it.

  • @ Teeth Maestro

    I appreciate your integrity.

    Wanna share an interesting link,


  • Cool – I doubt you’ll get into trouble. You aren’t hosting it.

    I bought the book though…

    I would actually recommend it. Its a quite read…

  • i repeat myself over here again. even if doc hasnt hosted the book he has provided a link to it. if i remember quite well there were quite a few lawsuits against websites who provided links to mp3s and videos but then they didnt host it. doc’s intentions arent bad at all. infact i know for a fact that he is an ethical person and this. i know about the copyright law a bit coz i had a business ethics module and there was this topic about hosting links to copyrighted material. doc has provided a link to copyrighted material on a server and has enabled people to gain access to the book.

  • Well Shobz – I have already played my cards lets see where it leads me, Technically I am not bothered by it enough to retract the link ;)

  • Just inserted a disclaimer more as a precaution to keep away the hounds.

    Thanx Shobz & Noctournal for keeping up with the guilt trip ;)

  • well goog effort but require more time to download as time is more important then money. well easy to pay 1200 rupees to buy a book and read it on your bed as compared to the electronic reading on your computer.dont mind plz

  • cassim

    The book no more exist :(

  • Nadeem

    I agree with Cassim that book does not exist on the web as downloadable any more!!!!!

  • I will be issuing this book soon from my library. Too curious to know what exactly this book has ! :)

  • Dr. Sahab ap say ye umeed nahi thi :D

  • Asif Siddiqi

    Its not available here any more.
    File does not exist.

  • you can download book here for free: http://www.inthelineoffire.co.nr

  • ahmed

    in the line of fire


    Musharaf is very ugly president he didn’t done well with balochistan to killed our SARDAR Bugti’s. He is the hero OF the Whole Baloch Nation.

  • Ordinary Pakistani

    Dear Waqas

    I am not that knowledgeable person, so request you to please enlighten me about the services of Mr. Bugti for the people, which have accorded him the title of HERO of Balochistan.

  • kkhanoo


    By nocturnal on Oct 19, 2006 | Reply

    It is illegal to scan copyrighted stuff or create a duplicate of any such material.

    I condemn this effort who so ever done this……..

    what::?????? copyright……go and have a look for the meaning in pakistani dictionary………..there’s no CR here and we’re cheaters our govt is cheat,,,,,,,,,,,,,there’s no law in pakistan…………………..jis ki lathi us ki bhains and mr. musharraf khud konsa sa kanoon follow karte hain .can u tell me ……………

    do you know the meaning of “‘”andhon mein kaana raaja”” if not then have a look for the meaning of it!!!!!!!!!!!lolz..CR follow kare ga bacha…….

  • asif ahmad

    The true believer on Allah remains happy and success, but General Pervaz Musharaf is a person who only believe and trust in America. Now i will suggested him that he should pulled him self from Americas hand other wise the whole Muslim world boycott Pakistan.

  • zubair

    i have some opinion about pervaz musharaf that he was right is right and will be right.
    u know why because we have such dishonest people in out country like nawaz shabaz and zardari when these will be there so no success is possible.
    he was doing some very right but these political people took some advantages and some other political people like nawaz(big corrupted)did not provide him always time to do some thing good.
    he just worked few years and we observed his sharpness but since how long nawaz and ppp is working i think at least last 25 years but still they want to make more money to build their property .


  • Weed Man


    I think Musharif is the best from the worst….

  • Pakistani

    I agree with Musharraf, He did well to kil Bhugti, due to such peole Bilochistan never get better

  • abid

    i think MUsharraf has done an honest and woderful job for the interest of Pakistan. Let's be true and see ourself retrospectively before critizing any body.It is easy to say any thing sitting in our homes but it is really difficult to do it practically.

  • yasir

    legal and illegal is not a matter in Pakistan and if any one think there was matter then Gen Musharaf even Gen Zia is not make our president .so if any one have in the line of fire then share it

  • Asiya

    President Musharaf is the very very best ruler among all the rulers of pakistan who have yet ruled.He was the right man according to our Quaid's vision!!!!!!

  • awara


    so kay uthaa jaoo abb, yaai 2009 hai.

  • Sher Ali Khan

    Mr Pervaz Musharaf was the leader of Islam but he did lot of mistakes and forget his own task . It is fact that including General Pervaz Musharaf all presedents of Pakistan were courpt they should be punished put into the jail and we should hang our all current leadership if we want to move as a nation other wise we must be ready for face the dangerous challanges from the world. Our leaders have no any capacity to face the current scienario of the world .