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Bahraini Blogger Blocked By Bahrain

Mahmood Tv CensoredPakistanis don’t need to be told how much it can hurt to be at the receiving end of a censorship on their own blog, we sadly have had a massive blockade on the entire Blogspot.com cordoning off more then 10 million blogs for over 11 months and counting. Its sad to note that a few days back Mahmood.tv a very brilliant and outspoken blogger from Bahrain has been blocked by his own government accsuing him of “defamation of the person of the king and royal family members. (press law no. 47, passed in 2002) … more …

Mahmood suggests that all the sites blocked are ones that published information on “the Jamal Dawood scandal. Dawood is the head of Press and Publication for the Bahrani government and has been involved with part plans to order all Bahrani bloggers to register their online presences. Hes evidently implicated in “Bandargate“, a scandal named after Salah al-Bandar, the Sudanese/British author of a report that documents attempts to rig parliamentary elections in favor of the Sunni minority.

Personally I think this is just the starting tip of the ice berg when Governments will slowly exercise force to clamp and shut down irritating journalist landing them with one excuse or another. A number of poeple have joined hands to condemn this censorship and I plead you to sign this petition to protest this ban

On behalf of all Pakistani bloggers we would like to join hands with Mahmood Al-Yousif and protest against the censorship of his blog. I also feel that it is all the more reason when events like this in Bahrain or in Greece where I then feel the urge to step up my efforts to take Don’t Block the Blog from a Pakistan centric organisation to become a more global platform, condemning all forms of censorship anywhere in the world (am seriously looking for volunteers who would be willing to help jointly develop such a platform)

  • Did you ever consider of insisting on a free speech amendment to your national constitution?

    Like in the United States?

  • @Flap: I and many others know about 2nd Amendment of United States;). Did you read other post of Doc about Martial law by Bush?

  • ek lamhay ko laga k u wrote “Behari blogger banned in bahrain” hehehe just kidding:D

  • Yes, I read about martial law changes.It passed both houses of Congress and signed by the President.

    I wouldn’t be too concerned. This change in the federal law is for emergencies and does not supercede the constitutional protections afforded by the Bill of Rights and the other Articles of the Constitution.

    Separation of powers is an additional protection. Three branches in our government, you know.

    But, Pakistan and other countries should demand freedom of speech from your governments. Model it after our first amendment. It is very powerful.

    Our first amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

    All peoples should be afforded these basic freedoms.

    If you have any questions, just ask away.

  • KO

    Pakistan has no free speech either:

    Now, what does our Constitution say on the subject? “Every citizen shall have the right to freedom of speech and expression and there shall be freedom of the press, subject to any reasonable restrictions imposed by law in the interest of the glory of Islam or the integrity, security or defence of Pakistan or any part thereof, friendly relations with foreign states, public order, decency or morality, or in relation to contempt of court. (Article 19)

  • @Adnan – It would have been a very interesting title ;)

    @Flap – I basically eye every move by George Bush with great suspicion, he takes actions which has always backfired on the Americans after it has crippled with world. I generally am not worried about Martial Law in the US, as I wont have to deal with it directly, since it will directly impact the American public, but I worry about its repercussions on the world.

    Additionally I too don’t see it coming, but WHY introduce a bill if you have no plans on using it, there must be a need, there must be a plan somewhere in the coffins of the planning gurus at the White House. Secondly its strange how the media has downplayed this important change, it appears as if this bill has been snuck under the table, aren’t you worried that in the future, someone somewhere may be tempted to enforce a Martial Law and little can be done to undo it, the power to be able to do it …. is going to be really tempting

    As far as Your First Amendment, you it did exist, but seems to have been significantly undermined by the Patriot Act amongst many. Yes you feel like living in a secure protective 1st Amendment, as you are white and Christian / Jew (I am guessing a Jewish tinge – but apologies if I am wrong). You sadly have not tasted the other side which falls under the scrutinizing eye using the powers of the Patriot Act.

    As far as free speech in Pakistan, YES I agree with you and we have been working on it for sometime (read forever) but with a military ruler or for that matter a corrupt ruler, we simple don’t get far. As the truth generally hurts

  • KO

    subject to any reasonable restrictions imposed by law in the interest of the glory of Islam or the integrity, security or defence of Pakistan or any part thereof, friendly relations with foreign states, public order, decency or morality, or in relation to contempt of court.

    That statement is so broad that it effectively tosses free speech out of the window.

  • i fail to understand why there are people out there who dont want any freedom of speech. i dont think that blocking of blogs will ever stop true activists from sharing the truth with the world. there is always a way to get around the censors. KO is right about the restrictions placed on the freedom of speech. it would be really tough for a person to avoid these “touchy issues”. if the government is so worried then they should have a defamation law which can be used to protect them. this will prevent people from making slurs at them and can allow them to sue for libel if there is no truth in it.

  • @TM
    The Patriot Act does not undermine the United States Constitution and generally applies to terrorist activities generated outside of the United States.
    the Patriot Act was passed by both branches of Congress with bipartisan support. Court challenges – even by the ACLU have been dropped.
    Our first amendment is alive and well.
    Your country, Pakistan, should insist on the same rights from your government. You are entitled to them!

  • And here I thought, I was Mehmood’s only Pakistani fan.

  • The Patriot Act does not undermine the United States Constitution and generally applies to terrorist activities generated outside of the United States.

    *shakes head*. Our govt also give such excuses to people to justify their acts. I wonder whether you are aware or not that many people had protested against Patriot law?

  • @AS
    Of course, people protest and debate. This is the process of law making in the United States.
    Open debate, free speech and then vote.
    The Patriot Act was duly passed by a majority of Congress and signed by the President.
    You can find the Patriot ACT on-line.
    You should read it.

  • KO,
    re: subject to any reasonable restrictions imposed.

    Precisely. That’s why I argued for DBTB, becase much free speech doesn’t pass that test but most blogs do.

  • @flap

    Flap wrote:
    This is the process of law making in the United States.Open debate, free speech and then vote.


    He said in an interview,

    Unfortunately, after Sept. 11, there was an outburst in America of intense suffering and patriotism, and the Bush administration was very shrewd and effective in painting anyone who disagreed with the policies as unpatriotic or even traitorous. For three years, I’d say, the major news media in our country were complicit in this subservience to the Bush administration out of fear that they would be accused of being disloyal.

  • @Nocturnal

    Jimmy Carter is entitled to his opinion as I am mine.
    I frankly think he was the worst President ever in USA history and a MORON.
    But, I have the right to say that he is and a right to publish my opinions without government censure or interference/recrimination.
    Can you say the same for Pakistan and other Sharia Muslim countries?
    But, you folks should demand it!

  • HAHAH……..

    Mentally sick person always thinks that others are maniacs, so i am not surprised by your comment abt CARTER that he is a MORON, as I was expecting this from sav-ANT like you.

  • @Nocturnal
    NB: Where this server is hosted – USA.
    Pakistan’s government censures freedom of speech.
    Why do you folks allow this?
    TM, what are you doing besides a blogger consortium?
    Isn’t this a world-wide right?
    Yes, and Jimmy Carter is still a MORON and the worst President of the United States ever.

  • Flap – Our efforts continue, Free Speech yes is a world wide right BUT with a Military dictatorship there is no way to control what goes on under the table. The smile publicly but behind the door its a completely different story.

    Internet Censorship in Pakistan is getting worse daily, and reports pour quite often when a certain website is discovered as blocked. The Battle continues and a number of volunteers are hard at work trying to find a solution, courts generally are reluctant to go against the military regime

  • @TM
    Any hope for a democratically elected President after your present dictator runs his course?
    How about a revolution? Like the American Revolution?

  • what about ur president flap? he stole the election didn’t he. hail to the thief.

  • Say what?
    I don’t think so.
    George Bush won the electoral college vote in 2000 as per our constitution and was re-elected winning the popular and electoral college vote in 2004.
    He is term limited out in 2008.

  • ummm i am sure everyone remembers the controversy in florida in 2000. al gore had won the popular vote anyway. it was just that the supreme court stopped the vote recount when al gore was closing in on georgie boy. its not surprising that the supreme court acted swiftly given that most of them were appointed by ronald reagan and were aligned towards the republicans. furthermore read michael moore’s book “Stupid white men” for further details. hail to the thief.george w. bush did not win the popular vote.

  • @Shobz
    Popular vote gets you love but doesn’t win you the Presidency.
    Electoral college does that.
    and what the f8ck does Michael Moore know?
    He is a fat ass filmmaker. LOL……
    Sorry Shobz you are incorrect. Bush won but he will be out of office in 2 years and you will have to find someone else to hate…….

  • i am not the only one who doesn’t like bush. i wonder why the republicans lost control of congress and the senate. yes thats right no one likes bush now. thats why his approval ratings are super low. duh i know that popular vote doesn’t let you win the presidency alone. i am sure u have blocked the 2000 election from ur brain. the recount was stopped by the supreme court remember. that was coz al gore was close to winning the crucial Florida vote. there was only a difference of 66 votes and al gore was catching up really fast. that was when the bush family panicked and got their minions at the supreme court to stop the recount blah blah. the new york times conducted an investigation after the election and found out that al gore would have won had the recount not been stopped. people aren’t stupid u know.everyone knows that bush was going to loose. furthermore michael moore is a great film maker who speaks the truth. fat people are also humans and not to be laughed at. his facts are based on truth and not fiction. by the way we never hated Clinton. we only hate stupid presidents and we aren’t alone there. ask the rest of the world.

  • First of all, President Bush was duly elected and re-elected in 2004 – winning both the popular and electoral vote.
    Remember the most recent election? If the American people did not support bush they could have thrown him out two years ago.
    Clinton was an impeached convicted LIAR who had sex in the White House with a young intern. He was disbarred. What a role model.
    Americans frankly don’t care what the rest of the world thinks about our politicians when we go to vote.
    Do you have elections in Pakistan? How often are they held? Will Musharref give up power soon?

  • @ flap



    The Watergate Affair began in June 1972, after five men were arrested in the early hours of the morning breaking into the Democratic Party’s Watergate headquarters in Washington.

    They had with them photographic equipment and bugging devices.

    In the ensuing months connections between several of the suspects and one part or another of the Republican power structure were revealed.

    In January of this year seven men were convicted of conspiracy, burglary and bugging the Democratic Party’s headquarters, two-and-half months after Richard Nixon was re-elected as president of the United States.



    So flap,if carter (democrat)is a MORON, so what would you say abt republican’s saint NIXON.

    But i think republican is a GOD’s party and republicans are infallible(they dont do anything worng , just miracles do wonders for them)

    I know you would think NIXON WAS WRONGLY IMPEACHED,(though facts shows otherwise)for you he is like JOAN OF ARC, innocent like other republican saints.

  • umm no one was talking about the 2004 elections. once the thief is in office its easy to win the reelection. i was talking about the 2000 elections. cant accept the truth eh?

  • @Nocturnal
    Yes, RMN was a poor President. But, not because of policy. His was a flaw of political ambition and paranoia.
    The Nixon years were far better than the Carter years – Iranian Hostage crisis, national malaise, inflation and energy crisis with long gas lines.
    Carter was probably the worst President of the Century.
    It was because of Wategate that Carter was elected in the first place.

  • @ Shobz
    If the American people were unhappy with President Bush they could have voted him out of office in 2004. But did they?
    George Bush won the Presidential election in 2000 by winning the electoral college.
    Yes, there was controversy but SCOTUS ruled and Al Gore conceded.
    So Bush won. And again in 2004.
    Because Michael Moore said no doesn’t make it so. LOL……
    Michael Moore is a fat ass Leftie with no credibility

  • whatever flap. we all know what the truth is. there was no iraq war during the 2000 elections and plus al gore had to concede the elections coz the republican propaganda machine made him sound like a loser who wouldnt accept the result.bush did not win the presidency fair and square. plus katharine harris and jeb bush did a lot of dirty work a year before the elections so that thousands of democrat voters wouldnt be eligible. people are regretting voting bush into power now. that explains his approval ratings and the big loss suffered by the republican party in the current elections. chee i wonder why? you may not like lefties but then the world doesnt agree with you. michael moore rocks.

  • @Shobz
    Whatever…..your facts are screwed up.
    Have you ever voted in Pakistan?

    Do yo have free elections there?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  • @flap why are u trying to evade this topic? my facts aren’t screwed up. the people of the world know everything coz we also read unlike some people who believe all the propaganda they have been fed. at least we aren’t tuned into the delusional channel like someone. this was never about elections in pakistan. hmm did anyone see me talking about free elections in Pakistan? stop trying to blow smoke up my arse. you arent even worth arguing with coz u dont know how to argue. yes we have sham elections here so what. it was never about us. America is supposed to the champion of democracy. elections are supposed to be fair. so please don’t compare Pakistan with the US. you all supposedly believe in equality so much that you all have never had a female president. at least the asian subcontinent has had female prime ministers and a president. so much for American democracy.
    ps. sorry doc but this time he deserved it.

  • @Shoz,
    The topic was freedom of speech. Your anti-American rants are laughable and uneducated.

    Why don’t you support government reforms in Pakistan so you can enjoy the freedom of speech in your own country.

    And so what about a female President?

    When a woman runs (which one hasn’t) and wins I am sure you will want her to wear a Hijab anyway. Right?

    Watch Hillary Clinton, Shobz, you may get your wish.

    In the meantime, work on that freedom of speech, then you and TM won’t have to host your blogs in the USA.

  • If we are supposedly anti-American then you are a bigot. You make me laugh flap cause your arguments don’t make any sense at all.you should be pitied for the sorry state of ur mind. I can keep coming back for more but then i promised Doc I wouldn’t make any personal attacks at anyone here. however i would be glad to be make an exception in your case. whatever i said is my opinion and whatever i said about the US elections is true. You may be in a state of permanent denial about it so thats why you think you are right. sure flap the rest of the world is wrong and you are right.infact you know everything and you are so learned that people come to you for your advice.if i was against freedom of women i wouldnt want them to do anything. on one hand you tell me that i might get my wish and on the other hand you think that i am going to demand women to wear the hijab. make up your mind already flap. are u always unprepared while attacking someone? do u always mistake a point of view for rants? we dont force women to cover their heads or do anything here. our women can make their own choices whether to wear a hijab,veil or cover their heads. your views on our society are so yesterday. i don’t even know why i have to justify anything to you. meanwhile stop beating about the bush and stop gloating about your freedom of speech issue which has already been argued. further more u have no authority to tell doc and me where we host our blogs and dont drag him into our argument coz he didnt do anything to provoke ur smug attitude. buzz off and respect our freedom of speech.

  • @Shobz

    We were discussing freedom of speech issues in Pakistan and you go off on an anti-American rant.

    I am asking you and others here why do you not stick up for your rights and demand freedom of speech.

    Why not try for change.

    Or is it easier for you to run off to London?

    TM, you have lived in the United States. You know what freedoms exist in America – well sort of….What are you doing for freedom of speech issues in Pakistan?

  • i don’t know why u are dragging TM into this issue. He already discussed the freedom of speech issues in Pakistan. it seems that you cant see all the efforts he has made for freedom of speech online. why are you flogging a dead horse and talking about the same old shit?if u cant see that then your arguments don’t have any merit. whatever people express online is an expression of their freedom of speech. teeth maestro’s example is a perfect example of freedom of speech. so buzz off and take a hike. i know that u have gone through my blog thats why u want me to run back to London. its none of your business as i make my own decisions on what to do. my life may be in the public domain but that doesn’t give you the right to tell me to do anything. teeth maestro is a decent person who does not get involved with petty people like u. i dont think you should take potshots at him when i am the one engaging you in this debate not him.

  • @Shobz
    Who is taking potshots at TM? Not me.

    He is a dentist like me. Educated with doctorate degrees/certificates from the United States.

    I am trying to establish a dialogue about freedom of speech issues and you continue to raise anti-Bush and anti-American crap.

    You cannot decide whether you want to live in your home country or fly away to London – where there is freedom of speech.

    Why don’t you stay in Pakistan and fight for your rights?

    Or is it a lost cause within a military dictatorship?

  • @FLap
    a person has the right to decide what he wants to do and when he wants to do it. making up my mind about leaving is all up to me and u don’t need to bother. I don’t have to give you any explanations about why I haven’t left as yet. this post was about other stuff but then you brought up the topic of America the great. what you sow is what you shall reap. i am doing my bit for freedom of speech by blogging my views.


    Now Jury decides in UK that British National Party’s chairman didnt violate race-hate law when he condemned Islam as “A WICKED, VICIOUS FAITH”

    If thats what court thinks then Mel gibson shoudn’t be ashamed on his statement that JEWS ARE THE ROOT CAUSE OF ALL THE ILLS IN THIS WORLD.Mel Gibson was lucky that he said this when he was drunk.

    I wonder if some muslim had said this abt Jews, he would have been in a bare trouble in the UK or in some other country of FREE WEST.

    When Mayor of LOndon commented on Jews, he was dragged through the mud and was condenmed by the media but in this case A POLITICAL PARTY’S LEADER IS SPEAKING SICK ABT ISLAM AND he gets away with this.


    For full report follow the link:


  • @Shobz

    You have strayed off topic of censuring Pakistani blogs.

    But, if you are moving to London, what do you care, eh?

    And your blog is hosted in the free United States – admit it!

  • @Nocturnal

    America broke away form Great Britain – (remember the American Revolution) because of the lack of freedom of speech among other freedoms.

    The USA and U.K are not the same.

    Mel Gibson was prosecuted for drunk driving and received a sentence.

    He was not prosecuted for being a moron or for his speech against Jews.

    There are laws against hate crimes in the USA – like burning down a church or beating someone who is a homosexual, for instance.

  • whatever flap. its no use arguing with you. the topic wasn’t about censuring of Pakistani blogs. it was about the blocking of a blog by Bahrain. hmm i wonder who made the first comment about bringing a free speech amendment to the Pakistani constitution. i may be “going back” to London but that does not mean i have stopped being a Pakistani. I am a proud Pakistani and will always be there for my country in every way.what does the hosting of a blog have to do with the freedom of speech? should we ask all the blog hosts to move to some other country just so that you can be satisfied? i am sure they will listen to us cause we asked them so. you are just arguing for the sake of it.

  • @Shobz,

    No, I simply asked you a question why you didn’t fight for freedom of speech in Pakistan. So, that you could enjoy the same freedom of speech that we enjoy in America and that you enjoy by hosting your blogs there.

    But, since you are leaving Pakistan to return to London (where there is a greater freedom of speech) than I suppose you do not wish to fight for those freedoms in Pakistan – you will just leave.

    Isn’t that hypocritical?

    And you were the one who started criticizing the United States and talking about Bush stealing an election. What does this have to do with censureship of blogs?

    Shobz stop the rants and engage in a discussion.

    You might actually enjoy it instead of being rude.

  • whatever flap.

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  • This bugger – blogger is against pakistani's living in Bahrian, kindly be suggested not to appreciate such jokers if you dont know the political situations around the world.

    m living in Bahrain and very much aware what he is doing with Pakistanis here!