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Shaheed or Halak ? – Ghazi Abdul Rashid

Ghazi Abdul RasheedEver since the afternoon of the faithful day when in between the intense fighting at the Lal Masjid, the Pakistan Army victoriously announced the death of the head militant of Lal Masjid Maulana Ghazi Abdul Rashid. Watching the news reports come through on all news channels I did notice that everyone was refraining to tag his death as a Shahdat. For many non-Muslims reading this article, it might seem to be a trivial issue but to a Muslim it means a world of a difference. A simple naming terminology is of no consequence to the soul in this world but it means a phenomenal difference in life-here-after. Quite simply its a decision to be made by Allah for him on the day of the Judgment.

A shaheed is a title that is given to a Muslim after his death, if he died during the fulfillment of a religious commandment. For a moment lets forget the political issues surrounding the crisis, coming to the root of the issue it was Ghazi Abdul Rashid who was defending the integrity of Islam challenging the ineffectiveness of the government in implementing the sharia law hence allowing a progressive degradation of our society. Without doubt Right or Wrong Maulana Shazi Abdul Rashid was defending his place of worship and was fulfilling his religious duties in this process.

Shaheed is a title for a Muslim when he dies for Islam While on the other hand the aggressors (Pakistan Army) were overwhelmingly attacking the mosque to the extent of destroying a large portion of the property throughout the compound. Hence can easily be labeled as aggressors against Islam, which is probably the highest crime for a Muslim. The jawans may be following order but it must be remembered that if one of the jawans were to loose his life in battle against Islam cannot be labeled as a Shaheed simply because he was a Muslim.

I share with you an interesting email I received by Mr. M Javed Iqbal who portrays a very compelling argument, which actually also got me thinking about this important issue. I quote…

During the attack on Lal Masjid and Madarsah Hafsa a question that was repeatedly raised was ‘ Who is “Shaheed” and who is “Halak”.’

In my opinion the distinction is crystal clear. The mistake and mischief lies with the initiator. Who started knocking down masajid in the capital of Islamic Republic of Pakistan? If I am traveling and somebody open fires on me, I have a right to defend myself and fire back at him. Therefore we must understand that what Ghazi brothers did was in self defence. The pity is Mullahs of the country have been corrupted by Musharraf by offering nice salaries and perks to them, hence they failed to point out that the sanctity of a masjid was to be safeguarded at all costs. No Muslim can dare attack a masjid, because it is Allah house.

Accordingly security forces, army men and rangers who attacked Lal Masjid are jahunumi and the fighters of Lal Masjid are shuhdaa and shall Insha Allah Will be rewarded with Paradise. Each officer or jawan must have refused to obey illegal order of attacking a masjid. They could say: “Look sir ! we joined the army to protect the Masajid and save women and children, not for destroying and killing them”.

Since they gave preference to order of the officer over Order of Allah, they are mahluk and jahanumi.

The brave fight back of Ghazi Abdul Rashid is an eye opener. When most of the Mullas just talked he challenged the illegal and immoral acts of Musharraf regime of knocking down 90 year old masajid of Islamabad and kept fighting for the cause till death. On such noble death Mir has said:

Marge Majnun pe aqal gum hai Mir
Kiya Diwane ne maut pai hai !

Most Mullas could not see this fine line and remained indifferent, although they could have raised hue and cry against desecration of masajid. We should not forget that Quran says “Allah is Most Powerful and Revengeful” Every party can see his image in this mirror!

Considering the issue, I feel convinced that the sad demise of Ghazi Abdul Rashid should be labeled as a Shaheed and full respect offered to the body in regards to its proper dignified burial. I would hold the Pakistani Army responsible to the extent of disobeying the Islamic Law to which they all have sworn to uphold.

He died defending the religion of Islam against the evil forces.

I hope that, you too, would join me in prayer hoping that Allah would confer the title of Shahdat upon Shaheed Ghazi Abdul Rashid and grant him his deserved place in the life-here-after.


  • conan |

    السلام علیکم برادرز اینڈ سسٹرز

    غازی صاحب حلاق ہوئے یا شہید ہوئے یہ اس کا اور اللہ تعالی کا معاملہ ھے یہ اللہ تعالی پر چھوڑ دیا جائے تو اچھا ھے

    آپ سب کو اپنے عمال کی فکر کرنی چاہئے پتہ نہیں 2 گز کی زمین بھی میسر نہ ہو جو اس وقت دور جا رہا ھے اس کے مطابق۔


  • noman |


    u gave me a link of another blog on which all musharraf bashers have been royally bashed. people have hit them hard and sixes are raining on all anti musharraf bloggers.

    despite many mistakes musharraf is the best thing that happened to pakistan after ma jinnah the Quaid e azam . the man was literate , had a vision for pakistan and his loyality cannot be questioned.

    anti musharraf users have GEO instead of brains and that also is only coz of musharraf. the high speed internet we using today is also due to the individuals telecom policy.however rather than your ghazi brothers jalao girao pakistan musharaf sab sai pehlay pakistan is my fav…

    musharraf nai bijli chori ki, banglow khareda not my headache. tell ur azad cj to fix him.but why would he? woh bhi tou khair sai unhi k supporter thai.

    thanks for posting me the link.

    jis khatoon nai woh article likha tha uskay ilfaz ko boom boom afridi ki tarh logon nai stadium sai uttha k bahir chika mara.


    dont mention ur burqa molvi jo inhi ghair sharaee adalton sai deal kar k bahir aya hai.

    junaid agar tum mai ghairat hoti tou jab tumharay imam nai burqa pehna tha tou ussi din doob jatay.

    jo bhi imam e qaaba in logon k baray mai farmatay hain nahi parha tou dobara post kar deta hun…agar islam / shariat k itnay sheedai thai tou uski opinion ko recognise kartay but u say unko tou kuch pata nahi.

    yani jis imam k pechay sari dunya haj karti hai woh jhoot boltay hain and he knows nothing but g 6 ki aik choti si masjid jiska madrissa encroached land k oper hai uskay dou number dou takay k jahil buzdil burqa posh drama baz imam ko sari dunya ka pata hai

    thtsy i laugh at ur jahiliat…

    ussi ki waja sai tum logon k mun sai gandi galian nikalti hai

    wah g kia shariat aur shariat k supporter


    dactar jawaad

    app abhi tak meri aik bhi bat ka jawab nahi dai sakay.

    khud mantyay hai tareeqa ghalat tha

    could not support the crimes from hadith/quran.

    use imam e Qaaba comments to support ur molvi….lolz

    y ur molana burqa is not initiating a case against musharaf for his alleged crimes against students of jamia hafza….seedhi bat hai uska jhoot pakra jayay ga aur cj sahab yeh jantay huway aisa koi cdase adalat mai lagain gai nahi . musharaf in his last tv interview has challanged anybody to inquire abt the missing persons or lal masjid issue.

    sachi bat hai doodh ka doodh pani ka pani ho jayaga.

    lets c u telling molana burqa to go to this ghair sharaee court but yeh courts sirf apni zamanat k liyay chahye.lolz

    itna cut paste kia ,….choti bat rozi roti inn gerals k khilaf actions lai k halal karay.

    again very very very sorry for all issb rejects :))))))))))))))))

  • conan |

    مشرت بدترین حکمران، اعجاز الحق اور چوہدری شجاعت حسین شہدائے لال مسجد کے قاتل :مولانا عبدالعزیزواہ کینٹ

    واہ کینٹ(این این آئی) اعجاز الحق اور چوہدری شجاعت حسین شہدائے لال مسجد کے قاتل ہیں۔ مشرف کا نام تاریخ میں بدترین حکمران کے طور پر جانا جائے گا۔ پرویز مشرف میری ماں اور سینکروں معصوم بچوں اور خواتین کا قاتل ہے اسے کیفرکردار تک پہنچا کر دم لیں گے۔حلفا" کہتا ہوں کہ لال مسجد اور جامعہ حفصہ پر بمباری کے نتیجے میں ماؤں کی گود میں موجود دودھ پیتے کمسن بچے موت کے منہ میں چلے گئے۔پرویز مشرف جھوٹ بولتا ہے۔ان خیالات کا اظہار خطیب لال مسجد مولانا عبدالعزیز نے واہ کینٹ میں شہدائے لال مسجد کانفرنس سے خطاب کرتے ہوئے کیا۔ انہوں نے کہا کہ مجھے یاد ہے جب حکومت کے ساتھ لال مسجد انتظامیہ کے مذاکرات ناکام ہو گئے تھے تو مسلم لیگ ق کے سربراہ چوہدری شجاعت حسین اور اعجاز الحق میرے قدموں میں گر گئے اور کہا کہ پرویز مشرف ناکام لوٹنے کی صورت میں ہمیں ایجنسیوں سے مروا دے گا آپ مہربانی فرما کر برقعہ اوڑھ کر باہر آ جائیں آپ کو تحفظ دیا جائے گا انہوں نے کہا کہ آصف علی زرداری نے پرویز مشرف کا ساتھ دے کر ملک کے 17 کروڑ عوام سے دھوکہ کیا ہے انہوں نے کہا کہ وعدوں سے مکر جانا چالاکی تو کہلائی جاسکتی ہے دانشمندی نہیں اور اب پاکستان کے عوام کسی دھوکے میں نہیں آئیں گے ہم اس ملک میں اسلامی نظام کو نافذ کروا کر دم لیں گے۔


  • noman |

    saikron bachon ka qatil? mashallah

    proof and names?

    300 missing person hain jinhon nai musharaf govt par case kia huwa hai unn sabki families aur unn sab k names pooray pakistan ko pata hain.

    yeh masoom bachay/bachian jo k reportedly marray lal masjid operation k foran bad inki tadad hazaron mai batai jati thi.

    Ab yeh saikron mai hain.

    Agar inkay claim mai sachai hoti tou figure kuch yun hota…2012 ya 810 etc etc.

    Jaisa baki tamam operations mai report kia jata hai.

    Ummehassan khud bhag kar molana burqa ki zamanat k liye tou larti rahi so called masoom bachion k liye koi bat case nahi hua.

    Where are their names??????????????????? Yakenan record jal gia ho ga.

    Apni zamanat bhi na karata. .sarkari guest house mai Allah tawakal karta.

    Molana burqa ko jaan ka tahafuz kiun chahye tha?????? Kia shahdat maqsood nahi thi????

    Inn logob k sath hakomat nai 6/7 din muzakrat kiay . tab bahir kiun nahi aya? I still remember lal masjid ki talibat operation k akhri din sai pehlay aur foran bad bhi ehtajaj kar rahi thi k hakomat nai hamay suirrender karnay ki sorat mai waday k mutabik 5000 nahi diyay…haha…jahad 5000 k liye tha.

    Bilquees edhi nai jholi phela k Allah k wastay dai dai kar inko bola k bachay bahir kar dou yeh custody/responsibility lai gi

    Tou tab hazrat nai bat kiun nahi mani?

    Burqa foran achay bachon ki tarh pehn k bahir a gia.

    Ghazi criminal nai tamam channels par yeh bar bar kaha k there r no kids inside.

    Tou yeh tab jhoot bolta tha ya ab bakwas karta hai.

    Ab buzdilon ki tarh takrerain karta phirta hai. Jayay fata mai baitullah mehsood k sath, muslims k gallay katay aur shariat nafiz karay.

    Aik burqa k pehn k jan bacha k bhaga

    Dosra safe passage mangtay mangtay mar gi

    Umme hassan ka saas sai pecha churanay ka iss sai behtar tareeqa koi nahi tha.

    Pakistan mai jahil aur baiwakoofon ki tadad bohat ziada hai .

    Yeh sab molvion sai islam k nam par bawakoof banttay hain.

    Jahad America k khilaf , banday Pakistan aam log maro.

    American army Afghanistan mai but suicide bombing Pakistan mai.Hindu army Afghanistan mai .unn sai dosti , who tou inkay bhai hain

    Pakistan army kafir hai.

    Yeh 500 dollar fi banda lai k jihad kartay hain.

    Inn mai sai kuch ki aukat iss sai bhi kam hai

    Simply disgusting

  • junaid |


    "saikron bachon ka qatil? mashallah

    proof and names?"

    tum to tumharey athiest bhi wali baat kar rahey ho kah agar Allah hai to proof lao.

    Tum proof lao kah musharraf nai qatal nahee kiey aur raton raaat jin logon ko dafnaya woh insaan nahee gudee guddey they.

    Agar musharraf aur uskey dosrey bey-deen matehat itney sachey they to kion raton raat murdon ko dafna diaa?

    aur kion media ko hospitals kee taraf aney nahee diaa?

    Tum to woh baat kar rahey ho kah qayamat aey gee to proof lao.

    Tumharee chutia-pey kee baton kaa hamary pass proof nahee hai.

  • noman |

    Bachon k qatal ki fir molana burqa ki tarf sai hai

    Meray sainkron bachay katal ho gayay mujhay aik ki bhi omer aur nam maloom nahi. Na hi mujko yeh patta hai k who larkay thai ya larkian. Mujhay yeh bhi nahi pata k meray bachay thai kitny aur mai nai kahan kahan sai uthay thay. Mera bhai bhi hakoomat ka agent hai kiunkay who kehta tha k madrissay mai bachay hain hi nahi.

    Khudara mera yakeen kijiye.

    Mai sach keh raha hun.

    Apnay betay k baray mai mujko pata hai k who 1 tha

    Lekin baki 10 , 20 , 100 maybe corore hon.

    Mai tou burqa pehn k shopping karnay jar aha tha

    Meri begum jo bakol apnay un bachion ki maa hai saheed tadad usko bhi maloom nahi

    Iss liye ghalti sai bachnay k liye kam sai kam 1 corore bachon ka indiraj kar liya jayay.

    Mai tou bachon sai itna piyar karta hun k mai tou bachon k sath mil k chor police khail raha tha

    Meray liye to bachay bhi ghubara hain

    Suicide jacket pehan k meri aik beti hamid mir k pass bhi phatnay hi gaee thi.

    Baharhal jaldi sai fir darj karein

    Sabot meray pass koi nahi hai

    Na darj ki tou app American agent, kafir , kadiani appni maa behn ko bechnay walay hain

    Mukadmay ka faisla agar meray hqa main a hua tou phir yeh adalat ghair sharee ho gi.

    1 corore bacha marnay k bad dafan bhi kia gia

    unki kabrein kahan hai pata nahi

    kabar kushai kar k dna test nahi karein gai kiunk yeh tou ghair sharaee kam hai

    sabot hum dain gai nahi kiunk burqa sab sai bara sabot hai

    chalo chalo humko zakat k paisay dou takay hum aik aur masjid ko hijack karein.

    Junaid bhai sabot k baghair nabi ki adalat mai bhi kabhi faislay nahi huway.

    Jo allegation laga raha hai who sabot dai.

    Inn k criminal acts sari dunya k samnay hain jiski waja sai operation hua.

    Yeh surrender kar deta koi na marta

    Bad mai khud jo burqa pehn k bhaga.

    Imam e Qaaba nai isko ghalat kaha hai unko ja k sabot dou k app nai ghalat statement di hai

    molana burqa ka maina kam asan kar dia ab cj ko chahye k jalaz jald mujrimon ko kairekardar tak pohnchayein

    hehehe par woh kiun aisa karein gai

    iss sai tou burqa brothers phans jayein gai kiunk woh jhoot boltay hain .

    :)))))) sorry 4 all issb rejects

    • Muhammad Waqas Butt |

      I think you are a mad person so first of all you go to the doctor and check your mental level

  • dr jawwad khan |

    “Supreme Court (SC) has rejected government plea seeking

    cancellation of bail of former Khateeb Lal Masjid Maulana

    Abdul Aziz in four cases…..”



    come on nomi! its GPL time.

  • noman |


    meri zamanat k liye courts sharaee

    auron k liye courts ghair sharaee

    what a munafiqat …

    shariat gai bhaaaaaaaaar mai .

    ab must be cheif justice burqa molvi k paun para hoga shariat ki demand sai roknay k liye…

    fahashi k adday bhi band ho gayay???????


    no no,

    im sorry for u all issb rejects :))))))

  • challenge |


    you seem very sure of your positions. talk is cheap. how about rasing the stakes.

    How about swearing by Allah that what you say regarding the Pakistani army and musharraf and abdul aziz is correct and if not the the Lanat of Allah be on you if you are wrong?

    If you are so sure. Will you take this oath?

  • noman |


    ask ur imam burqa to take the oath

    then imam e Qaaba to do the same..if its really essential

    as if u dont hv anything to support him u dont basicaly hv to use the cheep tactics.

    when u dont believe me so such things even wont matter for u

    secondly , when u dont believe in imam e Qaaba's opinion , u dont believing in proving his crimes from Quran & sunna so its just an attempt to avoid and nothing else.

    aur laanat tou app log shughal mailay mai dil pashori k liye waisay hi dai detay hain har ik ko tou is sai bhi tasali nahi hoti….when u allege others for being qadini do u take such oaths?????????

    so i dont need to do such cheep things . basically this post proves ur capabilty rather lack of it to answer decently or logically.

    i dont say anything abt army. i praise the soldiers for their bravery and wat is say if all these corrouption charges are correct then wat this azad cj meant for? he shd fix them…y doesnt he?

    coz he is also a khauu??????

    :) realllly sorry 4 all issb rejects.

  • Imran Ali |

    I spit on ISSB, Muthal Army and their Services and their Muthal People, Malangi Mauj main tay Bhangi Fauj main. :D

  • dr jawwad khan |


    " Malangi Mauj main tay Bhangi Fauj main "

    well said imran ali



    noman doesn't need an oath.mashaAllah he is selfsufficient in "laanatullah".hahahahahhhaa

    nomi boy! comon…its GPL time

  • dr jawwad khan |

    @imran ali!

    do not get irritated by ISSB joke.noman is using this only to provoke you.be cool and kick nomans hypocritic butt.kick it hard.

  • noman |


    i donot need to provoke any body…

    imran ali coz of his ignorance admitted the bravery of capt kernal sherkhan

    imran he is in army!!!!!!

    the language he is using shows the amount of regret for his failure to pass issb :))))) i sympathise.

    as well as ur concerned yes who else would b impressed with the filthiest language of anybody :)))))

    well doesnt matter as pakistan army zinda bad.

    if u really want to b wise just prove ghazi crimes which are listed above from Quran and sunnat afterall he was fighting for shariah so first of all his own action shd b according to islam….but how can u??????

    keep urself with cut/paste coz thts wat u thing that the crimes of others( tht too if true) are an excuse and reason of burqa bro to b innocent…lolz

    oh ur gayish tendencies are still hot ….feel sad for u

    :)) sorry for all issb rejects esp imran ali

  • Imran Ali |

    Dr Jawad, I am not irritated with his jokes or whatever, i want him to realize people of Pakistan are simple fed up of these bunch of Businessmen and their ugly tactics. :)

    Nomi Qadyani, Even your Pakistan Army was not ready to accept them (Kernal Sher Khan) and others as their soldiers after the bhangi fauj surrendered to the Indian Army for consecutively 4th time, what a freaking shame it is.

  • noman |

    imran ali….if u have realized finally that he was in pakistan army so dont lie now…the proof that ur lying is the biggest military award nishan e haidar rewarded to kernal sher khan.

    these are the brave soldiers of pakistan army not ur geedar molvis one of them runs in a burqa and the other begs for pursakoon zindgi and guarantee for safe passage…lanaat

    its similar to the propganda / lies against me that u call me QADIANI.

    u dont agree with imam e Qaaba , u yet use filthiest language and abuses & yet u call ur self supporter of shariah and islam…ur simply pathetic and i can just shame on u.

    Imam-e-Kaaba Shaikh Abdur Rehman al-Sudais has ardently appealed to the Lal Masjid administration to give up the path it has adopted for the past few months or the enemy would benefit from anarchy and chaos.

    “I deeply regret and am surprised over their undertaking,” he said while talking to a group of senior journalists at the Punjab House on Saturday. Saudi Ambassador Ali Awadh Asseri was also present on the occasion.

    In his brief opening remarks, Asseri said the Muslim Ummah was faced with paramount challenges after 9/11, which should be tackled with wisdom and acumen. The Imam-e-Kaaba said he was disappointed to note that the Lal Masjid brigade had involved women and children who, he said “should not be used (in such activity).”

    He said that seizing mosques was an act of enemies of Islam and Pakistan. “Being a well-wisher of Pakistan, I request these people to act while remaining within the clearly defined commandments of the religion. Any transgression will only accomplish the objectives of the enemy,” he said.

    He said Islam does not allow anybody to make mosques sanctuary this way. This is no wise method, he said, adding that mosques are Houses of Allah Almighty, not meant to show power by any person or group. “Anybody who likes to enforce Islamic Shariah can’t force it on his own. It can’t be enforced at the individual level. Ulema and those having knowledge of Islam should be approached for this purpose.”

    Al-Sudais expressed the hope that the issue would remain confined to the local level and would be resolved amicably. However, he said there are a lot of people in Pakistan who understand the religion and its spirit well, and a wrong course adopted by some would not make any difference.

    “I counsel these people to compassionately resolve the issue according to the distinguished principles of Islam in consultation with the government, Ulema and officials,” the Imam-e-Kaaba stressed. He said Islam does not allow violence, terrorism and use of force. The religion teaches mutual compassion and emphasises on love and affection.

    Al-Sudais said that in an Islamic government, everybody cannot act on his own and has to follow the system and institutions of the state. Anarchy and chaos, he said, are worse than murder, and Muslims must have to act collectively. They are not allowed to adopt an independent path.

    The Imam-e-Kaaba said Muslims are protectors of each other while limiting themselves to the confines of the law, and the rules prescribed by the state institutions. Islam prohibits taking any actions that divide Muslims.

    :)))))))))again sorry for all isb rejects esp imran ali.

  • noman |

    imran ali , dactar jawaad junaid etc etc…..

    1 saal ki sakht jidojahad k bad zardari/nawaz hakoomat musharraf par 480000 ka ilzam hi laga sakain hain. that too due to a procedural error on iesco's part .

    musharraf nai tou meter change karnay ki application bhi daidi hai.jo k manzoor ho chuki hai.dues bhi pay ho jayein gai however app logon ka farz hai k usko criticize kartay rahain kiunkay tankeed sai hi tameer hoti hai :))))))))))))))))

    kabhi ghalti sai pakistan k kisi institution ki tareef bhi kar dia karen .you are always coming out with anti state propoganda.

    pakistan agar match har giya tou maa behn ki galian

    bijli band tiou sabar nahi karna ameruica sai larna hai

    computer amreeki use karnay but dushman bhi amreeca.

    yeh jihalat aur munafikat hai. saray chor achakon ki tareef kartay hain

    chowk mai galay katnay walay heroes hain.

    molana burqa ki land grabbing activity bhi CDA nai point out ki hai but uss mai cda ghalat hai…lekin musharraf k mmamlay mai cda/wapda sacha hai.

    imam masjid apnay ghar mai kunda lagayay, bachay bachion ko rape kar k katal kar k masjid k ihatay mai dafnayay tou khamoshi hi kamoshi hai.

    ghazi sahib tv par jhoot bolain tou maslehtan jhoot hai ….wah g wah.

    molana burqa aur aunty umme hassan k tou kia hi kehnay . but musharraf ya pakistan k khilaf kisi 3rd class akhbar /website pai kuch bhi kaha jayay woh pathar par lakeer hai

    aur saray oppose karnay walay naturraly qadiani/kafir aur blah blah hain

    Quran aur hadith ko app nahi mantay.

    imam e Qaaba aur dosray scholars ko app nahi mantay

    app ki shariat sirf burqa posh imam ka khudkush jazbe sharpasandi hai..

    meri sab baton ka jawab fakt 4 galian hain….lolz

    jo sharran haram magar apk liye halal hain.

    Allah k hukm ki parwah kiun ho gi apko


    APP LOGON KI AUKAT yehi hai k pehlay adaltain ghair sharaee , pakray gayay topu unn hi mai paishian , bail bhi unhi sai karwai , ab na paish ho ghair sharaee adalat mai but jin sai dollar miltay hain unko bhi tou khush karna hai.

    akhir sari zindgi unhio ka namak khaya hai

    media ki fahashi par sab khamosh kiunk unkay khilaf bolain gai tou coverage nahi hogi

    burqa molvi zindabad.

    religious begum nawazish ali ki ballay ballay oooooooooops


    pakistan army zindabad

    pakistan painda bad

    sub se pehlay pakistan

    sorry for all issb rejects :)))))) imran ali capt kernal sher khan shaheed nishan e haidar , tamgha e bisalat .pakistan army sai hi thay jinki apni lailmi k bais app tareef kar baithay. pakistan army ka har sipahi kabil e tareef hai kiunk woh watan k dusmanon k samnay khara hai chahay woh mulk k andar hon ya bahir.

    net par baith k galian nikalay walay galam galoch jihadi khisyani billiyan hain.

    khamba nochti rahain galian dai dai k khud hi pagal /khush hotay rahain.

    issb rejects ! nakami ka matlab yeh nahi k app aik institution ko badnam karo.:))))))

  • noman |

    rogue army vs burqa criminal mullah brigade


  • asim |


    dude go get some prozac before its becomes uncurable. Your mental condition is deteriorating at a faster speed, if you live outside of Pakistan, I'm sure you would have health coverage. Go get your brain scanned, sorry I should not call it brain, rather the egg shell that sits on your neck :))))))))))))

    Please do this favor on Pakistan Army, they would be very thankful to you atleast one of their bros can get a mental treatment….

    if you live in Pakistan, please don't waste money on medicine, just join your other mental-brothers and report to GHQ….





  • noman |

    asim….kia hogia bhai…cheif justice baat nahi suntay????????

    galion denay sai ziada muslim tou nahi hota na insan?????i hope pata chal gia hai

    ab yeh naya style hai !!!!! no prob

    if one has nothing to say in support of ghazi criminal , its a nice approach to divert attention.


  • jami |


    Looks like you are the only supporter of MUSH on this forum :)

    Quit it bro, MUSH doesn't deserve it. I used to be a big fan of him, but no more, move on with life….rather I'm waiting like the rest of the nation to see him hanging.

  • noman |

    im moving onwith my life very well mashllah. my suggestion iz also the same .one should recognise ghazi and molana burqa crimes, condemn them , one is dead the other should hang . and as far musharraf iz concerned i only support some of his actions . and coz he is a literate man and appears far better than the others in comparison

    u can say

    he is the best of the worst :))))))))))

  • dr jawwad khan |

    "one should recognise ghazi and molana burqa crimes, condemn them , one is dead the other should hang"

    “Supreme Court (SC) has rejected government plea seeking

    cancellation of bail of former Khateeb Lal Masjid Maulana

    Abdul Aziz in four cases…..”



  • noman |

    ab supreme court sharaee ho gaeeee lolz.

    plz tell me the number of cases against various prostitutes and other criminal elements filed by the sharaee burqa molvi in the newly recognised sharaee supreme court.

    molvi ka burqa , dekhanay ka aur pehnay ka aur…

    imam e Qaaba ka comment parh k tum khud hi apnay apko chatakh pastakh kar lo


    sorry for all issb rejects :))))

  • zameer aalam |

    murdaaar. people conveniently forget that he threatened to send suicide bombers all accross pakistan if lal masjid was attacked. and he did on live television.

  • Asif Abdi |


    Here is one of the grea operations done by (Na)Pak Army:


    This is one of the [email protected] up operations of this Chuttoo Army and read the comments of the Chutto brigadiers.

    (Na)Pak Army and their pimps like Ahmed Quraishi and Zaid Hamid Kezzab are feeding from the Bharwat Money, they get from PIMPING.

    Yeahh! GO GIVE THEM NISHAN-E-HAIDER, NISHAN-E-IMTIAZ from the money made from PIMP Operations

  • Khan |

    in my opinion none of them are shaheeds but both are exact killers of those innocent children. These two Ghazi brothers and army persons leaded by Musharraf.

  • CONAN |










  • dr jawwad khan |


    where are you noman?

    in haifa or in qadiyan?

    arey yeh to sher hogaya….

  • sajuz |

    i wonder what we are discussing…whether shaheed or terrorists but just answer me onething what good did mr ghazi offered to his students just getting them butchered for nothing,,,if they really mean Islam please read the Islam and find out from history …did nabi kareem (SAW)at any occassion of his life did it like this if yes please enlighten me as well…and pne thing more please tell was the massage center was run only by chineese and no one else was doing it,,,why did they only go for chineese…one more question a common man can not afford to buy a single weapon then from where did they get all the modern weaponary…if u think on these question i m sure u will find the answers…God bless us all the wisdom to find the right way

  • Muhammad Waqas Butt |

    He is Shaheed those who call him Terrorists are son of bitch and Allah will also send great azab to those who did it Inshallah and Inshallah we all see that.

  • farrukh khan |

    305 kuta harimi pehala apni esla kar fir gazi sab ka bara ma bat kar.to to kafir ha.

  • muhammad usman arif |

    we can discuss here its easy to judge some one its difficlut ,when the operation was going i was in lahore i see people have no respeonsejust they were doing there routine work and no one was coming to rescue ghazi and little our sweat future daughters who were died in there owonland just becoz one man donot like any voice against him .yaar aap kasiy loog ho kisi bewafay nation hy aap mushraf khuda ty nahi he was just nothing and his nothing just a devil who killed million and trade with america for millions ALLAH faisla karay gay INSHAH ALLAH

  • Nazish |

    Molana Abdul Aziz and molana Abdul Rasheed were of Qadiani faith. The Talibat of Lal Masjid were used by the above brothers by the governement as well as yahoodis(pakistani and israel)to show the law-lesness of pakistani madaras to Americaas well as international media.Finally Molana Aziz was escaped from the Lal masjid and other brother was caught by Talibat of Lal masjid, resultantly all the Talibat were eliminated to avoid the disclousure of consparacy.

  • Nazish |

    Ahmadis most use and favourate names

    Qadianis most favourate names (Male)

    Aziz, Zafar, Mahmood, Bashir, Baseer, Saeed, Naseer, Majeed, Tahir, Nasir,

    Hafeez, Mansoor, Pervez, Zaheer, Mubarak, Akhtar, Shaukat, Munawar,

    Eitizaz, Pervez, Sikandar, Basharat, Mubashir, Luqman, Hameed,

    Ghulam Ahmed, Ahmed, ( But name Ahmed should come first like;

    Ahmed Raza, Ahmed Mukhtar, Ahmed

    Bilal, etc) , and Ullah, ( But Ullah should come in last like;

    Zafarullah, Farhatullah, Naseerullah etc)

  • Zohaib |

    Statement of Mirza Tahir

    (Daily Ummat, Karachi. dated 1st December 2000, main front page)

    Start an International Qadiani Operation from January

    Pakistan is an ideal state to promote Qadianism

    Time has come to dominate the world

    Attract people towards our jamaat by making them secular

    For more details..

  • Zohaib |




    Shafiqullah BPS 21

    Muhammad Saeed Khawar BPS 20

    Muhammad Arshad BPS 20

    Mehmood Ali Lashari BPS 20

    Mobeen ud Din BPS 20

    Saeed Iqbal Khan BPS 20