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Missing in Pakistan – Documentary


A very touching film which must be watched by all alike, it was set to be released on Nov 21st in a viewing at FAST-NU Lahore but the authorities clamped down on this and prevented the viewing. Since then it has moved on to the digital world originally uploaded at [ The Critique Aggregator ] while simultaneously uploaded on the Missing in Pakistan blog. Watch the video and spread the word, if you want to download a full screen version then download from RapidShare 103MB

Message from [ The Critique Aggregator ]

The Critique Aggregator (http://paki-blogger.blogspot.com) is a blog maintained by concerned activists, academics, some of them of Pakistani origin, some non-Pakistani but concerned with the situation in Pakistan, living wherever they are. The aim of the blog is to resist state oppression in Pakistan and to disseminate critical information. The bloggers have just uploaded a video on people Missing in Pakistan. We are not taking the credit for the video either. We are only the disseminators. Watch the video released today by the students at a protesting university in Lahore. The names of the documentary filmmakers are in the movie. So the credit goes to the brave filmmakers. Not to us. The bloggers also seek anonymous contributions from all concerned citizens of the world on the situation in Pakistan.

Send in your anonymous contributions to this email address. We will not publish any story with a name so do not send anything with your real name. The focus is on privacy and safety. Not on gaining fame. Namelessness and facelessness are the most well-known resistance tactics. Forget them and you are eaten by the agencies of Pakistan.

It is a viral movement. We want to publish fearless stories. Individual opinions. Cutting-edge reports. Protest tactics. We are trying to become the faceless multitude. The flash protest. The autonomous viral movement of resistant action. This is not the time to cut a deal with Musharraf or his cronies or the Empire that supports Busharraf or to garner fame. This is the time to try and push for a change in Pakistan.

NOTE: If you send something to us for publication and it has your REAL name on it, we will change the name. So it is better if you use a consistent nom de guerre / pen name for yourself. It is even better if this name is symbolic or figurative (like LUMS Pamphleteer) so that there is no accidental resemblance with any real person. We can give due credit to your nom de guerre. Please also try to substantiate your analysis with pictures and videos. We are not trying to replace other blogs but to complement them because we have very fast uploading connections. We support the movement at LUMS, FAST-NU, BNU, Quaid e Azam University, Punjab University and elsewhere in Pakistan. We do not seek any recognition. We are part of the collective struggle.

ANOTHER NOTE: Some of the stuff on the blog is rude or uses coarse language. But after seeing the video on the missing people, you will forgive our little rude jokes on Musharraf. It is our attempt to laugh in the face of extremely rude dictatorship by being a little bit obscene every now and then. It is all political humor. Milan Kundera has written somewhere that, during the Soviet Occupation, people recognized the members of the resistance in Czechoslovakia because of their tendency to laugh. Laughter is subversive too. This blog will be maintained by volunteers and many people already know the password. So if one or two persons are removed or hunted down, it will not be silenced. It is already a work of a multitude and all of them use the same username and password.

Yours in solidarity

The Human Text Collective
Email: [email protected]
Lahore, Islamabad, Paris, Berlin, New York, London