Nawaz Sharif meets Muneer Malik’s daughter in Karachi

On 24th December Nawaz Sharif made a courtesy call to the residence of Mr. Muneer Malik and a few pictures attached here meeting with Shehere Zade Malik, the daughter of Muneer Malik

12 thoughts on “Nawaz Sharif meets Muneer Malik’s daughter in Karachi”

  1. great .. a culprit came to meet another culprit. This shows the neutrality of lawyers as well.

    And what is the point of displaying the photos of his daughter here ?


  2. We love you Nawaz Shrif, Step forward we are with you, effort of others to damage your image will never be successful, we will prove it when you will call us.

    He is much better than, Zardari,Altaf Hussain and other leaders, he has introduce politics of patience and respect, we should admire such a person.

  3. Nawaz sharif u r my favorite but now a days u r keeping quite while the public in deep trouble i.e loadsheding,price hike,corruption,target killing. When u need for judiciary restoration public was head to head with u.But now u forget them all .

  4. Jeo Nawaz Sharif,

    Abb to app kai liye Cheif Justic nai kaam Dhoond Liya hai,

    To recover Money from Defaulter, you would be very suitable person.

    You would be the cheif of Heejra,

    Keep Start this job without delay, as nothing to do else

    Good Luck.

  5. Nawas Shreef you are true patriotic leader. Call people of pakistan to save pakistan.

    Call them to save pakistan.

    Call them to get rid of 10% zardari which now become 90%.

  6. Muneer Malik should keep an eye on Mr. Nawaz sharif, he might offer to be boyfriend of her daughter as he offered to Kim Barker.

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