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Fehmida Mirza, elected as Speaker with 2/3 marjority

Dr Fehmida Mirza the first woman speaker for the National Assembly in Pakistan was elected as speaker of the National Assembly by around a 2/3rd majority. Dr Mirza got 249 votes out of 319 votes cast. Her opponent Sardar Mohammad Israr Tarin polled 70 votes.

Hence we can start assuming that ‘IF’ the newly elected law makers deem it necessary then many of the illegal constitutional changes made by Pervaiz Musharraf can be undone. These people have been entrusted with a huge mandate and a heavy burden lies on their shoulders to perform and not repeat mistakes of yesteryears.

  • Zag

    That is a BIG “IF” and I don’t think this coalition will last long enough to make these changes. Both these parties have opposite directions and this is just a marriage of convenience.

  • d0ct0r

    Unless Pervaiz Musharraf and his goons don’t succeed in creating internal rift among PPP, i don’t worry about PML nawaz,they’re already showing too much softness on every issue with PPP , am worried if dictator manages to create a crack among PPP ranks, banners against Amin Faheem outside the parliament lodges were the handywork of Mush’s goons who wanted to create misunderstanding between the party leadership, Amin Faheem showed maturity by remaining calm and not issuing any statement against zardari

  • d0ct0r

    chances of Chaudry Ahmed Mukhtar one of the candidate being projected by media for PM are really slim , coz of his direct/indirect relationship with Musharraf(his bro Chaudry Ahmed Saeed ex PIA cheif is very close friend of Mush). secondly he is the same guy who had advised BB to send Zardari to Argentina to play polo while she is in power so that his actions don’t have any negative impact on PPP’s image,so obviously this guy is simply out of question

  • Flashy Lawmakers Take Seats in Pakistan

    reading this makes you feel full of disgust

  • Dear Awab and all,

    I happened to record the oath taking ceremony of Dr. Fahmeeda and have posted the audio on my blog. I have posted the audio recording of speeches of Makhdoom Ameen Fahim and Pervaiz Ellahi too. If somebody is interested in it he can click the link below:


    Apart from this one can notice something interesting at the begining part one of the recording. A bare ear might not pick the words but if you will use a head phone you might pick the words of someone at national assembly paying due respects to someone else ;)