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Journalists roughed up while covering the NA Speaker election

Yesterday during the National Assembly session where the elections were underway to elect the new speaker of the house, outside it seems that the media was being roughed up for God knows what reason, under specific orders of the SP & DSP. One can only speculate as to why these media outlets were being prevented from covering the national assembly session.

Journalists Beaten up

Journalists Beaten up

journalists Beaten up

Journalists beaten up

  • BILAWAL will get mad when his dad will brief him on the security issue.BILAWAL can never tolerate beastly behavior of his nation’s police. Poor Benazir!

  • nazia

    This scene is alomost repitition of incidents that are continously happening in Islambad for last 7 months.The first act of shame was started by attack on geo office that was repeatdly denied by state machinery and after that chain of unlawful acts are now part of dark pages of Pakistan’s history.At this moment we have only one rule and that is might is right and that phrase is poularly using by our ruling mafia.

  • Unaiza Fatima

    …and now the Tom Thumb can claim the whole 160 millions as HIS NATION…though he cannot speak HIS NATION’s language, anyways he is their leader. We always get good quality imported stuff, including leaders.