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Arbab Ghulam Rahim gets Slapped with a Shoe

Today at the Sindh Assembly Arbab Ghulam Rahim gets a royal treatment with a shoe slapped across his forehead. It may seem funny for many, sweet revenge for others but all said as members of a democratic and sane society we must condemn this act as this is no way to treat an elected parliamentary member or for that matter any human being.

If you despise him, then try him for corruption, take him task for all his wrong doings heck take him to court and prove his underhanded dealings but more importantly use words but avoid any form of physical assault. I must condemn this act at all costs.

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To add an interesting twist to the story, a few months ago we bumped across a video showing the Chief Minister slapping a journalist and then abusing him with some serious profanity was also not a pleasant sight. At that time I did come across this video but at that time I thought it was not worth reproducing it on this blog, but with today’s incident this video must also be brought into evidence Please watch with care as the video has some R-rated words

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