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Citizen Journalists cover the Long March

Pakistan Long March Live CoverageI mentioned a few posts earlier that an initiative has been launched to help cover the Long March procession through its journey from Karachi to Islamabad.

The first day I personally reported on the details of the journey from Karachi to Hyderabad and then Sukkur, it was later followed up by frequent SMS and Phone call contacts with participants of the Long March in the onward segment of Sukkur to Multan and then today to Lahore.

Today’s coverage was extensively reported by ALE-Xpressed who braved the crowds to welcome the Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry on his arrival at Lahore Airport from Multan. Watch one of his videos here while the rest can be viewed at the Live blog at PkLongMarch.blogspot.com (short URL http://help.pk)

Rally at Lahore Airport Exit from ALE-Xpressed for Live Coverage of Long March

Ale also shares some pictures of his adventure to Lahore Airport and by the looks of the flurry of updates it appears that he thoroughly had fun being a part of the remaking of history in Pakistan.

Throughout the day we recorded over 30 updates submitted by numerous Citizen Journalists following the Long March, observing the excitement being built up towards Islamabad I expect the number of reports to rise significantly on Thursday (as the procession will move from Lahore to Islamabad) and finally a frenzy on Friday when the Lawyers and Civil Society will confront the forces stationed on the Constitutional Avenue.

To take part in this open initiative where Citizen Journalists follow the Long March and report it for the global audience all one needs to do is simply send updates, pictures or videos to [email protected] and it will be immediately posted on PkLongMarch.blogspot.com (short URL http://help.pk)