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FBI admits to kidnapping Dr. Afia Siddiqui, to Afghanistan

According to the BBC Urdu, the FBI has conceded that Dr. Afia Siddiqi who had vanished from Karachi over five years ago in March 2003 along with her children is in the custody of American forces in Afghanistan but sadly in a horrid medical condition

The information comes from BBC, when it received an email from lawyers based in the US hired by Dr. Afia’s brother to try and help influence the release of her sister who has been allegedly been in the custody of American forces. The lawyers claims that on Thursday an agent from the FBI came to Dr. Afia Siddiqui’s brothers house and admitted to the fact that Dr. Afia is indeed in solitary confinement within a prison in Afghanistan and in serious medical condition

It may be recalled that over five years ago Dr. Afia suddenly disappeared from Karachi along with her three children never to be seen from again, both the Pakistani and American forces have never acknowledged her disappearance until probably now, five years after her kidnapping. The admittance may well be attributed to the immense media pressure created when a number of human rights organizations presented evidence of a certain prisoner-of-war known as Prisoner 650 who was in terrible medical condition within an American prison located in Afghanistan and they had reason to suspect that Prisoner 650 was Dr. Afia Siddiqui

BBC Urdu reports that since Thursday’s development family members have been running from pillar to post in an attempt to wrangle more information on the whereabouts of Prisoner 650, but authorities have been tight lipped about the issue.

In all the frantic developments over the past three days the family within Pakistan has been on the receiving end, of anonymous threatening phone calls to try and subdue them to remain quite on the entire international issue.

Hopefully, Pakistanis will unite to demand the release of all Pakistanis who were kidnapped in this way, and handed over to the US [FBI Wanted Report, hunting for Dr. Afia] and often kept in solitary confinement in secret detention centers and tortured.

Pakistan’s parliament should hold an inquiry into this matter, and hold the guilty people accountable.