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Musharraf’s Stanford Gig – Hardball

Musharraf at Univ of StanfordEx-President of Pakistan General Pervaiz Musharraf was featured at the University of Stanford as the ‘Big Speaker‘. As predicted it was bound to be hot event both in terms of the attendance as well as the discussion that followed. According to the press release issued by University of Stanford Pervaiz Musharraf discussed his eight year presidential experience shedding light on the war on terrorism that dominated most of his tenure since 2001.

He claimed that Pakistan hasn’t received enough financial support or international credit in its fight against groups like al-Qaida and the Taliban and was defensive about the money that Pakistan did receive under his watch from Western countries which was to the tune of $10 billion contributed mostly by the United States. This sum was according to him minuscule amount compared to the funds that have been given to Afghanistan and Iraq.

But he was categorical to point out that “There is no misuse of these funds, They are utilized. This is pittance for a country which is in the lead role to fight terrorism. We must get much more.”

The 45 minute Q&A session sparked off a flurry of questions one audience member was very upfront about his stay in power to say

Given that you came to power illegally, given that you illegally twice suspended the constitution of Pakistan, given that you have consistently undermined the judiciary system in your country,”

While an Indian participant grilled the ex-President on Pakistan’s link with the Mumbai attacks “Why should we believe anything you said,” said one student from India, asked after ticking off a litany of accusations against Musharraf ranging from political corruption to assisting terrorists. “I don’t agree with any of the words you said,” the former president shot back. “It is your word against mine.”

For the benefit of those who still believe that $11 Billion was utilized and dispersed properly by the Pakistan Army must read this report published by CSIS back in November of 2007 – A Perilous Course: U.S. Strategy and Assistance to Pakistan [PDF], should be enough to help Pervaiz Musharraf find his way down in the trenches after having perched on a high stool for so long.

I share with you the contents of a leaflet that was distributed by Friends of South Asia, a desi activist group based in the San Francisco area at the University of Stanford meeting.



Pakistan’s Pinochet should be in Prison, not a Prestigious Speaker at Stanford It is both ironic and pathetic that a former U.S.-backed military dictator who played a central role in perpetuating terror in Pakistan is allowed by a prestigious university like Stanford to lecture on the subject. In 1999, Pakistan was a stable country with a moderate political party in power. There were no suicide bombings, and no abductions by
extremists. By 2007, Pakistan was among the world’s most dangerous places. This transformation is the result of Musharraf’s disastrous rule, and U.S. support for him.

Pakistan has received $11 billion from the U.S. in direct aid for fighting terrorism, funds that he diverted in efforts to retain his support within the army, upgrade weapons to be used against India, and unleash systematic violence against his political opponents. Further, both the U.S. and Pakistan under Musharraf have colluded in the brutal bombing of Pakistan’s north-western regions as part of the “war on terror,” a counterproductive strategy that has strengthened the appeal of the Taliban for locals. Funding a military dictator and undertaking imperialist military campaigns have thus strengthened both the culture of militarism and militancy in Pakistan. The way to achieve peace and stability is to strengthen the rule of law, real democracy and social justice. The U.S.-Musharraf alliance has done just the opposite.

5 questions that Musharraf needs to answer & crimes that he must be tried for:

  1. Abductions and Torture of “Missing People”

    How would you feel, General, if your son was illegally abducted, tortured, and remained missing with no case and no trace? Under the garb of fighting the war on “terror,” your militaryintelligence regime kidnapped and brutalized 700 “disappeared” Pakistani citizens – these are just the documented ones – many of whom are secular-liberal Baloch and Sindhi students, journalists, poets, and political activists. Are they all terrorists? Who gave you the right to terrorize citizens and then have the audacity to speak about preventing terrorism?

  2. Supporting Talibanization

    How do you claim to protect Pakistan and the world from terrorism when the Pakistani military and ISI under you has continued to fund jihadi organizations? In 2002, in particular, you undertook sham elections in which secular-nationalist parties were banned, and – in line with the military-mullah alliance that has been in place since the 80s – you deliberately paved the way for religious parties to form a government in a Pakistani province for the first time in the history of the country. The North-West Frontier, since, has gradually descended into the most brutal form of Talibanization. Why is it that the government under you was so efficient in banning media and abducting reporters associated with KTN and Sindh TV, while Maluvi Fazlullah’s FM radio in Swat and Bajaur Agency was allowed to operate freely? Maulvi Fazlullah now runs his parallel Taliban state in Swat.

  3. Sabotaging the Democratic Process and Rule of Law

    You illegally dismissed the elected Parliament of Pakistan in 1999 and then ruled for 9 years – a corrupt military dictatorship in which military officials grabbed state funds, land and power, and became entrenched in running everything from the bureaucracy to academic institutions. You committed treason again by imposing emergency in November 2007, this time launching a wholesale slaughter of the judicial branch of government – illegally dismissing and detaining more than 50 judges including the Chief Justice of Pakistan, arresting thousands of lawyers, students, human rights activists, and political party workers, and introducing draconian laws for court-marshalling citizens. Your pretext? The judges were releasing terrorists! The real cause? They were investigating the “missing people” case amongst others, and questioning your regime’s use of illegal abductions and torture i.e. they were protecting the public from your terrorism.

  4. External military violence: The Kargil crisis of 1999

    Your reckless military attack in Kargil in 1999 – in which Pakistani soldiers as well as hired fighters posed as mujahideen and attacked Indian-administered Kashmir – was undertaken without any regard for parliamentary process as well as the ongoing peace process with India. It brought India and Pakistan to near-war, caused the death of more than a thousand Pakistani soldiers and 500 Indian soldiers, and displaced hundreds of borders citizens.

  5. Internal military violence: Bombing of Lal Masjid, Balochistan, Waziristan, Bajaur

    Your sordid military campaigns are too many to count. You launched fighter jets and gunship helicopters to openly kill hundreds of Balochis as well as the prominent nationalist leader of Balochistan, Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, who had served as the Chief Minister of Baluchistan, and was also an elected member of the National Assembly. Baloch nationalists had been rightly resisting the illegal control of their land and resources by your government. For years you support religious militancy, and then launch bombing campaigns on Lal Masjid in Islamabad, Waziristan and Bajaur under the “war on terror”, killing hundreds of innocent civilians while tacitly letting the big Taliban loose. Your bombing campaigns in the North-West Frontier Province have paved the way for the biggest Internally Displaced People (IDP) crisis in our history, with more than half a million people fleeing the region. You actively supported MQM violence on May 12, 2007 in Karachi, as MQM unleashed its violence on citizens and the media for its support of the lawyers’ movement.


  • Asad Ali |

    @ some Indian participants were perhaps repeating
    Parnab Mukerjee’s version out of cheap Hinduvta
    patriotism !

    1. Musharraf be judged on livraison of 700 Pakistanis
    to the FBI’s pigs, thats for sure and laal masjid
    massacre, but he was not alone the secular media,
    ANP and MQM had suggested to take such hideous act.
    Please, just check Geo & other’s records how they were
    excited to kill the childrens and women in laal Masjid.
    as for Balochistan,
    these secular-liberal “poets and activists” were
    the game of BLA supported by RAW and Mossad, Mushy
    himself a declaring secular (anti-Islam).
    Who ever is anti-Pakistan is a necessarily anti-muslim
    terrorist. point!
    All should have been passed thru parliament with
    transperancy and open discussions, it was all pure
    dictatorship with Mushy’s complices, he was not damn
    alone !!! was he ?

    2. Mushy supporting talibanisation, which was nothing but
    proxy war for Batilans, “secular nationalist party were
    banned ” ! like ANP and the likes are they Pakistani ?
    or Pakistani humble, simple, normal patriots ??
    was MQM prevented? the biggest the most active BJP
    and RSS offshoot in Pakistan. YES, Takfiris were helped
    and supported financially and with arms by Batilans
    CIA, Mossad, RAW KHad etc. Musharraf failed to take
    PAKISTANI STAND, are Talibans not elected democratic
    party ?? better than MQM ANP & PPP, come on give me
    a break !!
    Musharraf a secular USA agent was at the end
    abandonned by his own creed the Indian seculars in
    Pakistan. Talibanisation is a term borrowed from CIA
    Mossad and RAW training takfiris and Kharijits.

    3.. yes Musharraf toppled a democratically elected Govt.
    which is a crime against State, its consitution, he
    should be court-martialed in a military court !

    4. Kargil crises are said to be “crises” it is true that
    Mushy took initiative on his own without consulting,
    but stratigically, it was said to be decisive action
    which could have neutralised India forever in that
    region, but Clinton summoned the jackass Nawaz thick
    fat coward who went to the masters to elevate USA’s
    of tackling the incident in favour of Pakistan,
    they are all harami US ka nutfa !!

    5. we forget easily and comfortablly that BLA and the
    likes still exist in Balochistan, aided by India,
    Israel and USA with the help of local ” poets and
    seperatists “. Mush or not, we have to inevitably
    crush and eliminate Pakistan’s enemy where ever they
    are and what ever their ideological preferences.
    WE expect that Pak Army and ISI and other agencies
    imperatively act patriotic,point.

    Supporting or opposing Mush must be based on realities,
    and national priorities !! not thnicity.


  • farrah k raja |

    Comeon Teeth Maestro!!
    Indian student gave grilling to Musharaff(LOL)
    Question time is good,isn’t it?
    It would be far more constructive if people like you and the rest think about strategic future of Pakistan.
    SO bad people had the oppertunity and they asked him the same old questions.I am sure Musharaff is tired by now answering such questions.
    This sentence,”Pakistan’s Pinochet should be in Prison, ” and rest of the points are so PPP drawn.
    I am so not surprised,people demanding trial for Musharaff should think twice,before that we want trial for the role PPP Chairman played in 1971 when Bangladesh was separated?
    Who is real Pinochet or Mir Jaffar we really need to know?

  • farrah k raja |

    Aur Zardari ki hukumat may na Qaid, na Millat, buss Zillat hee Zillat.

  • farrah k raja |

    People who consider Musharaff only as Migrant and target MQM just because they support Musharaff ,should really be ashamed of themselves.Benazir herself was never able to make governemnt on her own without MQM support.
    I am glad MQM can fianally find re-conciliation in Musharaff.It is somthing which Benazir should have offered.
    If PPP has a right to be a ruling party in Pakistan even at the cost of Bangla desh why not MQM?
    I am so sad people forget half of PAksitan is migrant and half of the world is migrant.
    So what if MQM supporters felt isolated has any govrnement tried to address the grievances?
    Shamefully PPP supporters forget Bhutto was a migrant too.
    MQM may have the history of voilence but I am sorry many people seem to provoke voilence and take pride in it.
    Extremely shameful.

  • farrah k raja |

    With Ghunda cultue of PPP it is always there way there game or no play?
    What a democracy?Democracy (dictated by USA and India) is a best revenge,particularly when feudals take it from ignorant and poor people .All they have to do is spent some money or even better harassement.

  • DjFlush |

    Though I greatly respect Awab bhai and his views but I personally support Musharraf and think that if it weren’t for him until now, we would already been toasted by USA.

    I don’t support Musharraf because I am from an Army-background myself, rather the way he ruled is actually the language we Pakistanis understand.

    We never understand things the light way. Now do we?

  • barristerakc |

    Very dispassionately, most of us still love Mushraff because we knew that any leadership that would have entered the power corridors would be more self serving, corrupt and incompetent; thanks to previous our experiences .

    However, Pakistan(s) biggest threat today are the “Taliban’s” who just came out with a video, “accepting” attacks on hospitals, FIA Building in Lahore and couple of other high value targets – 12, 14 and 20 year old suicide bombers were used by these thugs apart from stopping girls in Swat; the right for education. People (Taliban’s) Imran Khan supports publicly and Nawaz Sharif, secretly (he’s not a tough bloke, administratively anyway).

    In Pakistan(s) interest these Islamists, Talibans needs to be wiped out for good.

  • hamzah |

    Oh plz!! PPP has done nothing for pakistan and never will. On the contrary lost east pakistan. people of pakistan have a small memory and forget how the corrupt politicians have failed pakistan. yet they vote them back in power and support the removal of a great leader. therefore in a way they deserve to suffer.

    the current govt has no direction and lacks leadership. PPP held rallies and rallies against mush and his terror policies, but when they came in power they follow the same policy. The govt has no trade, foreign or security policy. they have failed from day 1. Apart from shuffling cabinets and fighting amongst selves there really is no achievement for them to show. i hope ignorant people of pakistan realize that musharrafs leadership was gold and that he must return to power if the country is to prosper.

  • Bangash Khan |

    “Friends of South Asia” ? Never heard of them. Musharraf spoke well and answered the questions well. Even now he serves Pakistan.

    Btw why don’t these protesters ask the same questions from the current govt? They are the ones in power.

  • Asad Ali |


    we are use to your rumours !!
    the biggest threat is from the following:
    PPP + ANP + MQM and inside the fetus you have
    Musharrafs, Altaf mongol, Zarbhutts, Batscha Gandians,
    These are the biggest problem for not only Pakistan but
    for the whole South Asian muslims, we have to get rid of
    them all together once and for all.
    ANP is finished, as I predicted, now its only the matter
    of coup de grace to be given by our Muslims brothers of
    Fata and NWFP to these Kafir’s agents traitors.

    Now its MQM’s turn, blitzer !!
    your Altaf is by nature a Hijrah coward, running away from
    Pakistan, thinking less risk of being cut into 24 pieces
    by a renowned QaSSab. Barrister, how long you are going to
    resist ?, Altaf will be punished before everybody, he
    will be, Inshallah, nailed in his head, screwdrivered
    in his arse and ribs, tortured with burns like he and
    other MQM’s torturers did to Muhajirs, Pathans and
    Punjabis, the charge sheet is very long, it will be read
    loudly, openly, and send to UNO Human Crimes.
    Milliband knows this orchestra !!!
    Barrister you still have time to dissassociate from MQM
    and Mushy !!

  • yaseen ch |

    But he will be given a handsome job in American think tank where he might get some job again in Pakistan government after some change of government just like Durrani.

  • Asad Ali |


    do you know that ANP’s 3/4 leadership is wipedout
    alongwith their regular members, many have dissisted
    and ran away to Afghanistan, where is Isfandiar ibn
    WALI KHAN ibn-e.Batascha Khan the Gandian traitor.
    Some of them are still appearing on PTV , you know
    well, what our Pathan brothers do with traitors ?
    please tell your British born MQM’s campatriots,
    Barrister !

  • Adnan Siddiqi |

    It;s Ironic that Musharraf cries about Palestinians while 3-4 years back he was proudly accepting that He got chance to speak in Jewish conference and was ready to accept Israel as a ‘legal state’. Musharraf should join main stream politics due to his hypocrisy. :-)

  • Adnan Siddiqi |

    if it weren’t for him until now, we would already been toasted by USA.

    LOL. this line is always used by Musharraf’s supporters and it always entertain me. Eh so Musharraf > USoA? Let’s assume that Musharraf stopped Americans to ‘Invade’ Pakistan then why did same Musharraf was kicked out like ‘Doodh mey se Makhi’ in just a couple of months after Feb,08 election? I remember Musharraf used to say k ‘Mujhey koi nahi hatasakta-Awam ki taqat mere pass hay’. Allah humiliated that dictator in a way that he himself announced that he was quitting.

    You guys need to spend few times how US kicked other dictators in Pakistan or in other part of the world. Ayub was more powerful than Musharraf, he even made himself ‘Field Marshal’ but same Ayub was hearing ‘Ayub Kutta Hai Hai’ on streets of Karachi and other parts of city.

    Atleast Ayub was not a beyghairat. When he heard such haterd against him he simply resigned. Musharraf was a senseless that despite of knowing all hatred and complete whitewash of his party in Elec,2008, he didn’t accept the reality and kept trying to show beyghairiti by not leaving the seat. Atlast US finally kicked him out and brought another corrupt man in form of Zardari.

    You guys who have love for US should study history a bit about How US deals others for his own Interest. Saddam was US’ darling but how he was caught in the end is humiliating.

    US would be successful as long as He would keep finding ignorant elements in Muslim countries.

    Today I was reading in papers. It seems Karzai’s days are numbered. NATO chief categorically says that the biggest problem of Afghanistan is Karzai govt rather Talibans. I am sure it would hurt a lot to our pseudo-intellectuals but then that’s what your master talking about!

  • barristerakc |

    I. Abduction and Torture of “Missing Persons”. Most of the missing persons in Pakistan today are the one(s) who ran away from their houses to fight B-52(s) in Afghanistan (during the post-9/11 – was it, “Enduring Freedom?”) and the rest of the lot were linked to either Al-Queda or some sort of Nationalist Movements (BLA, BNP). They deserved the treatment because: they helped Al-Queda kill thousands in Pakistan .

    And I am reckoning that a great majority of these blokes will be shagging the promised virgins – LOL . Let’s hope they are doing what they always wanted to be; because the world is a much safer place without them.

    II. Supporting Talibanization: Atleast there(s) a realization that Talibanization is an On-Going Process but we all know Mawdudi like: Qazi Hussain Ahmed & Imran Khan of Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaaf had recently emerged as the political face of Taliban – much like Sein Fin of IRA (bad comparison because Adams is way smarter then Imran Khan

    III. Bombing of Lal Mosque, Balochistan, Waziristan & Bajaur: I am sure the birds in coffins must be cursing the so-called Kharji Ghazi to take them with him just because of some land in Islamabad .

    Lal Mosque Operation was necessary and in Pakistan(s) interest and a strong message to “Radicals who are Kharjis”.

    The Operation in Fata is something which every government in Pakistan will have to continue in Pakistan(s) interest because we are killing “bad people” who are radicals, stateless and want to create this country into another Somalia, Afghanistan and a Chad altogether.

    The World Supports the operation; our neighbors support the operation and we the majority of Pakistanis support it.

  • Asad Ali |

    @ what rubbish, non of the 9/11 left Pakistan
    for one minute,
    Your Musharraf sold inncoents to FBI,why have they
    freed now guantananmo ?
    No one supports the operation except MQM london
    beureau, ANP and PPP’s failed agents and thugs in
    straight collaboration with RAW & MOSSAD who are
    supporting the Takfiris and Kharijits, MQM’s leftovers.
    trained in India and Afghanistan.

    Barrister’s hysteria tells us the fabulous stories !
    fabricated in London direct on telephone with
    90 azizabad.

  • barristerakc |

    PPP, MQM, ANP constitutes majority. If you want to change the current policies the way you want too; vote for your respected political parties and get them elected.

  • Junaid |

    to all mushy lovers: you guyz are of a kind who are used to getting their sh?t cleaned by others…
    he this he that, never look inside yourself or where you belong.

  • Unaiza Fatima |

    This is the most precise and balanced response to those who oppose government’s policies (any government) whether rightly or wrongly.

    Aren’t you left with any reasonable argument at your disposal that you have to use filthy language to prove your point? Or no one ever taught you any manners of speech?

  • Asad Ali |

    @ PPP, MQM, ANP constitutes majority !!

    you make us laugh, a browni Brit like you

    really go for that fraudulant elections run by

    USA/India, with regular personal meetings of US,UK
    ambassadors with “Election commissioner” and miniters,
    and at the end made PPP won and finally forced Zardari
    on People.

    If they were elected honestly ANP would’nt have been
    eliminated and hanged !

    MQM would’nt have been barricaded in 90 Azizabad
    behind the terrorist and thugs and make their Leader
    run away for asylum in UK thanks Tony Blair.

    PPP would’nt have bought their votes with cash and failed
    feudalistic promises.

    You know well whats going to happen to all these three
    thugs parties so called politicians.

    Barrister, you are certainly a citizen of
    Rep.Demo of Congo

  • Syed |

    MQM walas. We can but feel sorry fopr you peolpe who are supporters of dictator. Now they are disliking Zardari because they could not strike a good deal with him. They are blackmailers and terrorists whose leadership has runawya to Euorope. (Remember the reception of Zardari at 90?) although zardari has also betrayed the people of Pakistan by not fulfilling the promises.Muhair Qaumi Movement is now British Qaumi Movement.
    They wanted to fill the gap of leadership in MQM, created by absconding learders, by pinning all their hopes in the dictator musharraf. Alas he also has been thrown out of power and has become sheep. They have virtually come to tears.

  • barristerakc |

    So now the February, 2008 verdict is being challenged. Apparently, it(s) the only election after 1970 which was universally accepted by all political parties even those who did not took part in it like, Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaaf and APDM Forum, respectively.

    As of today, the allied liberals PPP, MQM, ANP, PML-Q, PML (F) even BNP, PPP (S), and JUI (F) in great majority supports FATA Operations. Operation Goes On…

    Infact let me quote Resolution 12 passed on 22nd October, 2008 by a parliamentary committee…

    Clause 1 is brilliant.

    That we need an urgent review of our national security strategy and revisit the methodology of combating terrorism in order to restore peace and stability to Pakistan and the region through an independent foreign policy.

    Clause 3.
    The nation stands united to combat this growing menace, with a strong public message condemning all forms and manifestations of terrorism, including the spread of sectarian hatred and violence, with a firm resolve to combat it and to address its root causes.

    Clause 4.
    That Pakistan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity shall be safeguarded. The nation stands united against any incursions and invasions of the homeland, and calls upon the government to deal with it effectively.

    Clause 5.
    That Pakistan’s territory shall not be used for any kind of attacks on other countries and all foreign fighters, if found, shall be expelled from our soil.

    Clause 6.
    That dialogue must now be the highest priority, as a principal instrument of conflict management and resolution. Dialogue will be encouraged with all those elements willing to abide by the Constitution of Pakistan and rule of law.

    Clause 9.
    That the state shall maintain the rule of law, and that when it has to intervene to protect the lives of its citizens, caution must be exercised to avoid casualties of non-combatants in conflict zones

    Clause 11.
    That the state shall establish its writ in the troubled zones, and confidence building mechanisms by using customary and local communities (jirga) and that the military will be replaced as early as possible by civilian law enforcement agencies with enhanced capacity and a sustainable political system achieved through a consultative process.

    interestingly there’s a consensus on the document and is signed by:
    Mrs. Sherry Rehman PPP, Mian Raza Rabbani PPP, Babar Awan PPP, Iqbal Zafar Jhagra PML-N , Maulana Fazal ur Rehman , Wasim Sajjad PML-Q, Anisa Zeb Tahirkheli (PPP), Abdul Rahim Khan Mandokhel PKMAP, Justice (R) Abdul Razak A. Thahim PML (F), Munir Khan Orakzai (I, FATA), Mir Israrullah Zehri PPP, Shahid Hassan Bugti Jamhoori Watan Party , Pervaiz Khan ANP, Syed Haider Abbas Rizvi MQM, Maulana Sami-ul-Haq (JUI-S), Prof. Khursheed Ahmed (Jamaat-e-Islami)and our vary own Mehboob-e-Nazar and Auditor, Ch. Nisar Ali Khan of PML-N .

  • Asad Ali |

    @ Barrister,
    you mean all the so called verdicts engineered between
    Ambassadors and Pakistan Election Commissioner? via
    open rendez-vous to fix the ballots, your resolutions
    are as stinking as the US macdonald hamburgers, offered
    to the brothel called National Assembly and their
    gandoo members with or without beard, approbating
    all and total dictation from US Embassy, donkey, you
    can put your 11 clauses manufactured by FBI,CIA and Raw
    in your anatomical large clause of Hiramandi’s kotha,
    the consensus on the documents carrys a stamp, the
    stamp of ” made in USA ” and those tawaifs of Hiramandi
    are more honest, correct and delivering rather then these
    pimps and dallal gandoos including your MQM’s……….

    your 11 clauses are more stupid and ball-lickers than
    the old Sikhashahi. US had to approve the grammar of
    those 11 bordelic clauses, be hanged around their necks
    and appear on PTV.