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Update on Swat Relief Collection Drive

Just an update from the collection drive for the Swat relief where I plan to head out to Mardan on 18th or 19th.

I have talked to MAKRO and have negotiated a hamper of relief goods for one family at a rate of Rs. 3000. It is still being negotiated down and the lower it gets the more hampers we will be able to purchase. So for technicality purposes we are collecting cash either in Karachi or alternate locations in Lahore [to be decided]. if you want to contribute please coordinate SMS@ 0302-8273493.

I was initially planning to take the items from Karachi – but it with full cooperation from Makro I am able to have the hampers delivered in Lahore and from there we can take the 6 hour drive to Mardan, saving up tremendously on the transportation costs

The actual Worksheet which is still under negotiation and we hope to bring down the price can be seen here http://cli.gs/idpack

Medicines are being processed separately and if you want to participate in that fund then please call or SMS you commitment 0302-8273493

Courtesy of Fauzia Minallah plans are underway to in a way adopt a school in Mardan for our relief effort, a housing location that has not been looked after, there are supposedly 1200 families housed there and hence we must target a goal of 1200 hampers at the minimum [as of writing this post I am committed with cash in hand for Mashallah 250 hampers] – more updates soon along with assistance from SARelief.com for international collection under the 502(1)b and also a push to achieve the 1200 target