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GO GREEN & Twitter Hashtag #Pakistan for 14th August

Awab on TwitterIts exciting to see a very vibrant and motivated community of Pakistanis online, spreading from twitter to facebook and even the age old community on Orkut. Young energetic Pakistanis are doing their best to be the new face of Pakistan on the digital sphere. This comes more as a counter to the depressing situation that we see daily in Pakistan where our elected leaders are generally embroiled in taking this country down into the doldrums.

People have ever so slowly have lost their patriotic spirit and careless about their nationality, its a sad site and a situation that continues to get worse day-by-day. The upcoming 62nd Independence Day is definitely an event to evoke that national spirit and the online community has already started gearing to literally shake the world

GO GREEN: Sab Green Kar Do


is a project by Farhan Masood and his team of volunteers who have voluntarily taken it upon themselves to help redesign every online Pakistanis profile pictures with the green flag. This project started a week back when Farhan started sending his twitter friends the new custom designed images and as of last count he has made over 2000 avatars for Pakistanis, his services are free of charge and all you have to do is send him an email with one selected picture to [email protected] and he will spin a new picture just for you ASAP. Hats off to his commitment as its not easy to manually cut out the profile of each individual picture and post it against the background of the flag of Pakistan – DO GET YOUR GO GREEN AVATAR TODAY

Twitter Hashtag Project: #Pakistan

Project: #Pakistan

In June various social media activists had rallied along with the Pakistan cricket team as the won the Twenty20 World Cup, we on twitter had our own victory as the ‘#PakCricket’ was featured as the 4th most talked about topic across millions of users on twitter.

We plan to replicate the effort but this time on 14th of August using the #Pakistan [Hashtag Pakistan]. The intention is to change the conversation of the world towards #Pakistan on twitter and feature ourselves as the most talked about topic [trending topic] for that day – Trending topic is a list of 10 most talked about topics for that moment and to be featured on the list requires hundreds and thousands of people talking about Pakistan.

The beauty of this effort is that one person alone cannot influence this trending topic and requires that we rally hundreds and thousands of Pakistani to come on twitter and talk about Pakistan on the 14th of August mostly an attempt to show the world, and ourselves that unity is the key to the success in any country, we feel this symbolic display of unity will mostly help reinforce the message within us Pakistanis that it us, and us alone that need to take responsibility and rebuild Pakistan one brick at a time

To be counted within the Hastag Pakistan [#Pakistan] all people should be a member of the twitter community and then must post a 140-character message which should include ‘#Pakistan‘ [without quotes] in their text and inshallah very soon we can bring Pakistan to the top of the list.

It may merely be an ego-boost but it will show us that unity can change the landscape of the world and inshallah we will do it on that day

To automate at least one message to be delivered on the 14th of August even if in case if you forget then please signup today at Project: #Pakistan a project created and designed by Uzair Sajid