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Blackwater owner Erik Prince gets blackballed by Vanity Fair

blackwater-erik-princeVanity Fair publishes a detailed report Tycoon, Contractor, Soldier, Spy by Adam Ciralsky on Blackwater analyzing its founder Erik Prince where it has been revealed that Erik Prince and his company (Blackwater / Xe) may have more then $1 billion from government contracts during the George W. Bush tenure. Prince blames the newly elected democratic government in exposing his clandestine operation, which may have now forced him to move away from the company

Prince blames Democrats in Congress for the leaks and maintains that there is a double standard at play. “The left complained about how [CIA operative] Valerie Plame’s identity was compromised for political reasons. A special prosecutor [was even] appointed. Well, what happened to me was worse. People acting for political reasons disclosed not only the existence of a very sensitive program but my name along with it.” As in the Plame case, though, the leaks prompted CIA attorneys to send a referral to the Justice Department, requesting that a criminal investigation be undertaken to identify those responsible for providing highly classified information to the media.

The mystery surrounding the presence of Blackwater in Pakistan continues on, with Erik Prince possibly publicly hanging his cap its still a long ways to go to disband this covert agency possibly outlawing it even from Pakistan