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PC Hotel Workers Strike update – 20 Days and counting

There are only about 140 people left in the basement in their 20th day of protest at the PC. On Sunday evening about 30 to 40 went home due to sickness or some other emergent reason and were not allowed to return to the basement and in their astute attitude the PC management is not budging from their position. The workers’s current demands are basically asking them to come to the negotiating table and do not fire the PC Four.

Since the last few days the PC management has restored to video taping these protesters while they are eating food. These protesters being holed up in the PC basement consume food from the hotel and the management prefers to video tape them eating to humiliate them that – you dare eat our food and then you talk about unions. The Human Resources Director fighting against these protesting workers is a retired Major Zia Jan who came to the PC after busting a union at the Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC). Major Zia recently told the striking workers that they ought to be ashamed of themselves for fighting the PC.

About 17 left-wing parties and labor bodies met today at the Labor Party Pakistan Office today evening and all have unanimously decided to to step up their struggle with the PC workers and chalked out plan to exert more pressure on the PC management to address the issue .

The decisions that were made are as follows

  1. All the representatives will present at NIRC Court tomorrow morning at 10am where PC workers case will be processed [as an NIRC Judge has issued arrest warrant of the four sacked officer bearers today]
  2. Parties and workers’ delegation will visit various media centers and urge them to increase coverage of the PC workers
  3. A protest rally will be held on Wednesday 17th March at 4pm at PC Hotel
  4. Following which a Press conference of all citizens representatives will be held on Thursday 18th March and they will give a three-day ultimatum to PC Management to accept the demands of the workers or else an indefinite hunger strike will be started at Karachi Press Club till the acceptance of demands.
Sign the Pearl Continental Workers’ Occupation Petition. Their demands are simple,

  1. Reinstate the four sacked employees
  2. Recognize the union and
  3. Come to the negotiation table.

Is that too difficult to ask for?