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Raymond Davis Passport Official Category Stamp does not mean Diplomat

Raymond Davis an American National who shot and murdered two Pakistanis in open daylight with 27 bullets is under arrest in Lahore. A large hue and cry is being made about his diplomatic immunity status, but at the time of the murder, the passport that he had carried a stamp of “Official” which does not in anyway indicate “Diplomatic” there was a significant debate that the Pakistan government does not stamp visas under the “Diplomatic” category but generalizes the usage of the “Official” for all these type of individuals.

The category has existed for some time even the Visa Application form [Off-site form] found on the Embassy of Pakistan in Washington DC clearly shows the DIPLOMATIC option.

It is my belief that had if Raymond Davis carried a Diplomatic status visa, it would have been marked on his valid visa and that would then had been used to spring him out of Jail within hours and these 13 days of jail time would have been a thing of the past. At the moment of the crime he was a non-Diplomatic individual and only after the crime the American Embassy is using all this muscle to spring him out of Pakistan under any pretext as possible. Pakistan Ambassador to the US Husan Haqqani has been summoned to the White House repeatedly with threats on abondoning the Kerry-Luger Bill amongst other military and civial assistance to Pakistan.

If the debate still caries on about the category stamp on the visa, then the best way to convince the world would be to produce a copy of the visa issued to US Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter, which may be used as a reference to the visas issued to diplomatic personnel from the US to Pakistan

I beleive the US has so much at stake in Pakistan in terms of its War on Terror these are just bullying tactics to blackball an inherently corrupt governemtn to succumb to pressure. The only thing keeping Zardari and his cronies in check are a definite resistance by Sharif brothers in Lahore to drop these charges initially, now it has blown out of proportion, a well disected case makes it ever more difficult for PPP to cook up a crummy story and spring him loose.

It is my gutt feeling, with Egypt on a boiler plate of revolution and many other countries following suit, it may serve the American interests well to cool down, let the emotions defuse, or choose to ignore Raymond Davis for its own greater interest. A stand-off with the people of Pakistan might end up precipitate a strong supporting war-cry for the Anti-American forces in Pakistan which may overwhelm any successes it may have had in the 10 year War on Terror battle it has fought on these lands