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Pakistan Rangers impart Justice in 10 seconds

Words fail me, after I watched this video of a Sarfaraz Shah being shot down by our paramilitary law enforcement agency imparting justice in a mere ten seconds. Sarfaraz Shah was apparently brought to the Rangers checkpost positioned inside Benazir Bhutto Park across Boat Basin Karachi accused of holding a family hostage. A heated exchange of words between the two, with the alleged culprit pleading for mercy from the angered soldier requesting him to lower his gun – ends up in the soldier shooting two bullets into the abdomen of the victim, leaving him to bleed and ultimately Sarfaraz succumbs to death probably from excessive bleeding a few hours [?] later.

I wonder if Pakistan has been reduced to serving justice in mere 10 seconds. From the initial contact to the bullets being fired it took mere 7-10 seconds. On one hand I can understand the lawlessness prevailing in our country, with thugs roaming free killing people left right and center, it has gone out of hand and one would suggest a stern hand is needed to stop this menace, but such criminality under the watchful eyes of 6-7 military personel is unwarranted and I must hold our law enforcement agencies to a higher standard on the judicial discharge of their weapons, which is indirectly entrusted to them by the state and eventually by the same tax payers who happend to be the citizens of Pakistan.


Sadly today Pakistan Military has let Pakistan down yet again for the umpteenth time, they have over the past years sold their souls in exchange for the billions from the US in lieu of their turn-the-other-cheek attitude allowing the US military wage a War of Terror on the people of Pakistan. All this happens while these captains, majors, brigaders and generals continue to milk this country for an abundant amount of uber perks (both in service and in retirement) ranging from high standard employment opportunities, to subsidized living and the crux of their military service rewards them with prime real estate anywhere in Pakistan at throw away prices to be sold off at thousands times its original value. It must now be questioned that for the dis-service they do for Pakistan these excesses must also be seen a prime corporate level burglary

I have sensed for some time that Pakistan has been on the brink of disaster, only time will tell when a particular trigger might spark a bloody revolution. Could this cold blooded murder be the trigger, since electricity, petrol and unemployment has still not brought out the masses, could this blatant killing of a young individual [regardless of his innocence or guilt] be the trigger ….. or are we still too occupied at allowing these political and military crooks run our country to smithereens….

Im confused have all the 180 million people in Pakistan have lost their will to survive or have they all given up allowing these crooks to shoot us all one by one