Taliban – A Holistic View

It has become even more critical that we clearly understand TALIBAN. There is alot of confusion out there and that was the main objective behind attacking Malala. Again i am not an expert but this is what i think: there are 3 broad categories of Taliban.

  1. Migrants: Taliban who came from Afghanistan when the US attacked Afghanistan.
  2. Local disgruntled groups: People in the Army and general public who have been in a way forced to take up weapons
  3. Puppets: Groups who are being directly funded and trained by the US, India etc.

Now the first thing which we need to do is clearly differentiate between the above in order to understand what Taliban is. The main difference between these three categories is that the Category 1 and 2 initially were PRO Pakistan and even today they are not attacking the general public but ONLY the armed forces and Police ONLY because they see America as an enemy and our forces as its ally. The 3rd category has never been PRO Pakistan and can never be in the future as well, they are being funded by the foreign elements to create uncertainty, anarchy in Pakistan and at the same time create this global confusion about TALIBAN. They have been successful in this unfortunately and today when we say Taliban we don’t have these 3 categories in mind. Another important distinguishing factor is that the only thing required to again make the 1st and 2nd category of Taliban PRO Pakistan again is that we distance ourselves from this US War on terror while the 3rd category will, like I said earlier, they are and will always be against Pakistan and continue creating these confusions.

Another important thing to realize here is that the American government and Army is OUR ENEMY. Anyone who has doubts about this is completely unaware of the ground realities and facts.

We are today in a far greater mess than we realize we are in. We are digging our graves ourselves without even realizing that we are doing it.

The ONLY, yes the ONLY way out of this mess is to distance ourselves from American war on terror and eventually getting the 1st and 2nd category of Taliban on our side. I have absolutely no doubts that they will make sure within months that the 3rd category is taken care off.

Yes it is easier said than done, yes the US won’t let this to happen just like that, yes we will have to go through a very tough time in the process, yes we might risk sanctions being imposed on us, yes we might risk being isolated in the world BUT let me tell you one thing for sure that this is eventually going to happen anyway, we have only two options, either continue the existing strategy and die a slow death or have courage and faith and grab the bull by its horn and eliminate this problem from the root.

The biggest crime Musharraf committed was to push us into this mess. One day we will have to say to the American president of that time that we have had enough of this shit and YES WE ARE NOT WITH YOU! It would have been far easier for us to handle the situation if we had said no at that time. So many lives lost, so much damage done to the country and we are going round in circles.

Drone attacks and military operations give a reason to the 1st and 2nd category to take up arms against us. They don’t want to be against us, they are being pushed into this by this strategy. Anyone who has children WILL take up arms against anyone or everyone who he thinks is directly or indirectly involved in the massacre of his innocent children. All of us can’t see our children bear the pain of an injection and you expect someone to be patient when he sees his child’s body in pieces!

The attack on Malala is exactly in this context. The peach march was an attempt to show to the world that you need to differentiate between the Taliban’s. No matter what our pathetic leaders like Nawaz Sharif and Fazul Rehman say it was successful.

The amount of international coverage it got, the amount of debate it generated was a perfect opportunity for our pathetic government to fight this case internationally BUT why would they when they are in actually not different from the 3rd category of Taliban.

Anyone who thinks that the Americans don’t need to justify drone attacks in the US or to the world or this war on terror is WRONG! They don’t have money to fight a war by penetrating inside a country, the American government for the first time in its history had to make an amendment in their law in order to borrow more loan! If it is not the Vietnam mutiny like situation yet but it is almost there, American soldiers are at a verge of mutiny.

Just think about it, why Malala and why now? Malala is no ordinary girl, she is a symbol and icon of peace and a living testament that the 3rd category of Taliban can be defeated. The positive discussion that had generated globally after the peace march had to be negated and this poor girls become a perfect target for these monsters. Have a look around you, on twitter on Facebook etc they have to a certain extent achieved their objective of maintaining the confusion that exists when it comes to Taliban. People in the emotions are giving statements that the government should start an army operation in wazristan, the Talibans should been shown no mercy, without even realizing that the 1st and 2nd category of Taliban had nothing to do with this attack. I have every reason to believe that the foreign elements like the US are behind this attack.

They are confusing us, the tried and tested divide and rule strategy is being implemented and we are acting in FEAR. We have to take charge of things and prepare ourselves for hardship. Take a bold stand against this war on terror, value the life of an innocent daughter in wazristan as much as we value the life of our daughters at home. Stop and turn back now, change before it is too late and too difficult…

We need to look at the Americans in the eyes and tell them: TO HELL WITH YOU! I don’t want your money and I won’t tolerate your drones anymore! If in return the Americans push me into a war I am prepared for it, not because I long for it but I genuinely believe that instead of turning a blind eye over Malala, instead of waiting for it to happen with my daughter it is better that I do something today!

If I don’t act today, I only prolong our failure, If I act today I have a great chance of turning around things.

Think about it…

This post was submitted by Taimoor Mughal.