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Asad Umar’s New Year Prayer for 2013: Aik Naya Pakistan

Asad UmarI pray that 2013 Is the year in which Pakistan’s journey begins towards being a country :

  1. Which has a just society where law applies to everyone regardless of wealth or position
  2. Which has equality of opportunity and the differences between rich and poor are minimized
  3. Which provides security to all its citizens and is at peace within and with its neighbors
  4. Which is a sovereign state in the true sense of the word and uses that sovereignty responsibly and without allowing harm to be caused to anyone else
  5. Whose citizens have regained their self confidence and restored their pride in who they are are and their heritage and take responsibility for their affairs instead of looking towards external powers to solve their problems
  6. Where the views and beliefs of all citizens are tolerated by all others and where hatred and intolerance find no home
  7. Which Is increasingly prosperous and is able to meet the dreams and aspirations of all its citizens
  8. Where Nasir Jamshed and Junaid khan live up to their early promise and blossom into world class cricketers (sorry my prayers had to have something about cricket!)

May allah bless all of you and your families and 2013 be a happy, peaceful, happy and prosperous new year for you.

Asad Umar 

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