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Democratic Revenge

Zulifiqar Ali Bhutto and PPP came into power in 70s with the slogan Roti, Kapra and Makan. Those were good old times–things have changed now–from roti, kapra and makan, our nation’s requirements have come down to Bijli, Atta and Cheeni.

It is only common sense that PPP needs to change its slogan too. PPP and all the other parties should feel easy–people are lowering their expectations, they are demanding now, what was readily available in 70s.

The new party slogan should be, we will keeping providing you what is available now, and also will work on providing what was available in 70s; Bijli, Atta, and Cheeni. When the rest of the world is moving ahead, we are starting to focus on the basics; Bijli, Atta, and Cheeni. Our government’s focus should be to not take away from people what they already possess now; although I can not name what that is–may be dall, and provide to them what was available in 70s.
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Media barred from NWFP senate elections

It is being reported on various media outlets that the Senate elections in the NWFP region have been barred from the media.

GEO.TV The journalists have been disallowed entering into the assembly hall for the coverage of the polling underway, while scores of them kept waiting outside the assembly. It may be recalled that the assembly members had in violation shown their ballot papers on the eve of presidential election, which the media had covered and flashed, while the NWFP rulers had expressed their displeasure over it.

Barely 6 months ago on 7th September 2008 during the Presidential elections that were held to elect President Asif Ali Zardari TV crews had caught various ANP members in the NWFP province flashing their secret ballots to some nearby colleggaues as if to authenticate the vote
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Humor: PPP’s Annual Press Release

Annual Report – September 15, 2008

Management Discussion and Analysis (MDNA) – Brief

The Permanent Plunder Party (PPP) Co. is extremely pleased to announce the results from the success of its “Say What You Don’t Mean” (SWYDM) pills that were designed to induce “hallucinations” and spur episodes of “selective amnesia” among the general public in Pakistan. The past year has witnessed an unprecedented level of success for SWYDM’s as they have been widely applied throughout Pakistan. “The development of these pills demonstrates the exceptional ingenuity of the research team of PPP Co and the far-reaching vision of its leaders,” stated Larry Rehman, Director of Mass Communication Campaign of the PPP.

The SWYDM’s are the culmination of a long and strenuous development process that spanned multiple continents as the research was simultaneously undertaken in Pakistan, Dubai, London and New York/Washington. As one of its architects, Mr. AAZ acted as a test subject. The initial dose induced multiple side effects; Stephen Reich, a psychiatrist from New York State, said “AAZ was unable to recall the birthdays of his wife and children and had thought about suicide,” and “I do not see any improvement in these issues for at least a year,” he wrote in a medical report.
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Zardari is the best Revenge – Benazir’s Subliminal message

After the tragic assassination of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, both Bilawal Bhutto and Asif Ali Zardari have been drumming our ears with the democratic vision (?) of Benazir Bhutto. Bilawal Bhutto while addressing the PPP press conference on 31st December said

My mother always said, “Democracy is the best revenge” – Bilawal Bhutto [31st Dec 2007]

For starters we all played along, it seemed to be the new PPP war chant, it seemed to be the trump card for the ticket to a sweeping victory in the upcoming elections, it seemed all too innocently ‘democratic‘. But on 6th of September when Pakistanis watched Asif Ali Zardari accede to the throne of Presidency did we finally realize our curse. This cartoonist quite aptly sums up the feelings of an entire nation


The subliminal [wikipedia] message for us fools here in Pakistan could have actually been

‘Zardari Democracy is the best Revenge’

Pakistan welcomes the ‘new’ Godfather

September 6th, is historically celebrated as the defense day of Pakistan where on this day in 1965, that India launched her forces and attacked Pakistan across the international border without a warning or a declaration of war. 43 years later, Pakistan stands to be assaulted once more, not from any external force but instead from a fox in sheep clothing aka an utterly corrupt man masquerading as the President fo Pakistan. In all honestly many Pakistanis may truly relate to the feeling but I would have never imagined I woudl ever have say the following

We welcome The Honorable President of Pakistan
Mr. Asif Ali Zardari

Truly priceless, today has been a heavy day for Pakistan, most have labeled it as a black day while on the other hand the opportunists are seeing dancing on the streets. Whatever may be the case our faith is now sealed for another five years, like it or not Zardari is here to stay, come hail or shine, lets brace ourselves for yet another roller coaster of our life, lets hope Pakistan stays intact during the ride

Adnan has quite rightly said

‘We are so lucky that we are ruled by drunk bureaucrats, corrupt army generals and official dacoits!’

God Bless Pakistan — or it could better be said to seek blessings from the new GodFather of Pakistan and hope that he may bless and forgive Pakistan in the coming five years

Pakistan; The Ongoing “Soft Revolution” towards a “Welfare State” – Part II

Guest Post by Silence
Part I of this series can be read here

The first Cultural Revolution in history of sub-continent was the Sufi movement, from the 13th century A.D. Sufism increasingly attracted the creative social and intellectual energies within the community and with the passage of time it acquired new dimensions and began to deal with the mundane aspects of life as well to free religious thought from the rigidity imposed by Mullah and to move away towards rural areas from the evil and debilitation effects of wealth, monarchy and bureaucracy concentrated in big cities.

The character of Sufi movement was such that if did not require official patronage or military protection and it also proved a serious challenge for both feudal and Mullahs however the movement was hijacked by converting the graves of Saints in to shrines, feudal patronized these shrines by donating lands to the caretakers and a new class of “Peers” emerged which was pro-establishment.

These peer’s who had actively helped British or had remained neutral now emerged and filled the vacuum of the empty places of nationalist Indians and as leaders of Muslim public opinion.
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Judicial Crisis in Review

This short 10 minute video presentation is a timeline of the political and judicial crisis in Pakistan. The timeline starts from the appointment of Mr.Iftikhar Chaurdy as CJ in 2005 and moves on to imposition of emergency in 2007 and its after effects. Various snapshots and videos for each event in between these dates have been added. Created by Ale-Xpressed

by Ale-Xpressed | Pakistan’s Judicial Crisis

Rehman Malik orchestrates the bye-elections Flip Flop

The news has slowly come out that Rehman Malik was at the center of this decision to delay the bye-elections. Mr Malik a very close aide of Zardari (and previously Benazir Bhutto) had told the NWFP Chief Minster that the three other provinces and the federal center had agreed to delaying the elections.

This in way exposes to every one that Rehman Malik was the culprit behind all this and not Musharraf or Nawaz Sharif

The News: Delay in by-polls suggested after Rehman’s call: Hoti

PESHAWAR: Chief Minister NWFP, Amir Haider Hoti Monday said he proposed postponement of by-polls after receiving a word from Advisor to Prime Minister, Rehman Malik. According to Geo News an official hand out proposed a short delay in by elections. Rehman Malik said in the above hand out that the three provinces have agreed to put off the by-polls and NWFP should also follow suite. The Chief Minister NWFP said Rehman Malik talked to him on telephone. He said the federal government and not the provincial ones made the postponement in by-polls

Toothless Election Commission delays bye-elections

Election Commission of PakistanIn a very surprising development the Election Commission of Pakistan has today announced that the by-elections for the vacant seats in the National and Provincial assemblies which was scheduled to be held in June have now been delayed for two months. Immediately at the outset President Musharraf denied any involvement in this development but the finger pointing quickly started when a spokesman for the PML-N came on board accusing Musharraf of trying to sabotage plans for Shahbaz Sharif attempt to contest in the Punjab provincial assembly.

The spineless Election commission’s secretary Kunwar Dilshad denied the president had any say in the timing of the vote. But one may speculate that the unique timing of the announcement can immediately cast doubts of the ulterior motives be it Musharraf trying to black=ball / black-mail the wanna-be candidates (Shahbaz and Zardari) especially after the agreement they cobbled together in Dubai, alternatively it could also be a part of the great master plan hatched in Dubai, the people of Pakistan await the next part of this suspense series called the Sweet Talking Return to Democracy in Pakistan which has been airing at our fabulous Pakistani theaters since October 18th

It is also amusing to note that practically every Pakistani has a theory on every political development (I too am guilty of this crime) so what is your analysis on who may have the Ace for this new twist, who might we accuse and who will indeed come out smiling from all this – any guesses?

Musharraf vs Restoration of Judges: Showdown

An article written by Abbas Kassar in The Pakistan Weekly caught my eye which was titled Musharraf Threatens To Dissolve Assemblies If Judges Restored, it raises some serious concerns about the looming threat wielded by Musharraf and his right to exercise article 58-2(B) of the 1973 Constitution of Pakistan. Quite simply utilizing this threat to keep PPP at bay

…as meetings of committee continues which has been assigned task to prepare draft resolution to be put before parliament the President called his aide to president house since last two days to block way of restoration of judges. It was disclosed by source that. 3 petitions would be filed in supreme court one each by MQM, Q league and Dr. Sher Afghan to stay any resolution to be brought to parliament. Speaker, Deputy Speaker of National Assembly and Law Minister will be made respondent in the petitions. Presidential camp threatened that if judges were restored president would not hesitate in invoking article 58 (B)-2 of constitution and may dissolve national assembly.

The entire world, including most Pakistanis have continued to celebrate the return of democracy in Pakistan, amidst the chaos of full swing political adjustment which include in no short measure the ‘pardons’ being served up for the ‘men in power’ who are predominantly busy whitewashing their sins in the name of political compromise for the ‘greater good’.
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PEMRA Ord. has expired, no need for repeal Bill in Parliament

The Minister of Information just recently made an announcement that the PEMRA Ordinance of 2002 which was extensively amended on Nov 3rd is being repealed by floating a Bill in the Parliament.

According to a very respected legal council the 10 Amendments made to the PEMRA ordinance on Nov 3rd have duly expired after four months (on or about March 3rd) hence there should be no need to actually vote on a Bill to repeal the ordinance. Doing so will in turn accept and validate all the illegal steps taken by Pervaz Musharraf after the fateful 2nd Martial Law on 3rd Nov. This will also annihilate any chances of

Read the advise of the Legal Council below

It has been stated by the information minister today that a bill has been moved in the parliament which seeks to repeal the November 3rd, 2007, amendments in the Pemra Ordinance, 2007. For the reasons stated herein below, this move will damage the stance of the lawyers that no constitutional amendment is required to restore the deposed judges.
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Geo News blocked in Karachi – MQM election rigging allegations

It is being reported throughout the city of Karachi that Geo News was suddenly taken off-air during the Capital Talk show where Ansar Abbasi stated that MQM won the election due to massive rigging. This statement apparently aggravated the leadership in Karachi forcing the channel off-air in Karachi. More updates to follow

First updated on PkPolitics
Updates on BBC Urdu Three Channels blocked for Three Hours

PPP names Yousuf Raza Gilani as interim PM

The Pakistan Peoples Party Saturday named ex-parliamentary speaker Yousuf Raza Gilani as its candidate to be the country’s new prime minister. “I have great pleasure in calling upon Yousuf Raza Gilani in the name of Shaheed (martyr) Benazir Bhutto to accept the heavy responsibility to lead the coalition government and the nation”,” said a statement by Bhutto’s widower Asif Ali Zardari that was read out to reporters by party spokesman Farhatullah Babar.

The statement said that Gilani was the “consensus” candidate of the coalition. Gilani is a stalwart figure in the PPP and friend of Zardari who spent five years in jail under Musharraf’s regime on corruption charges that were later overturned. He was speaker during Benazir’s second term in power from 1993 to 1996 and a minister during her first term from 1988 to 1990. Party spokesman Farhatullah Babar would not comment on reports that Gilani would be a stop-gap premier until Zardari, who is not an MP, becomes eligible to stand for the post by contesting a by-election in May. The party struggled to settle on a candidate amid a power vacuum left by the charismatic Bhutto’s assassination in December, with Gilani emerging only in the last week.

It was surprising to see the announcment made by a press statement unlike the much anticpated annoucbment by Bilawal (Zardari) Bhutto. The other contenders were ex-trade minister Ahmed Mukhtar, party president Makhdoom Amin Fahim and Punjab province party chief Shah Mahmood Qureshi

Black Flag Week Protest at Harvard University

Cambridge, MA: Student Action Committee USA Chapter (SAC-USA) staged a successful protest in Harvard Yard today demanding immediate restoration of the pre-Nov 3 independent judiciary in Pakistan. The protestors condemned – in no uncertain terms- the unconstitutional acts of General (r) Musharraf which include the sacking of an independent judiciary, gagging of media and free speech, suspension of civil liberties and fundamental human rights and illegal detention of judges, lawyers and political opponents without any trial or charges. They chanted “Bring the Judges Back” and “No more Musharraf” and walked from John Harvard Statue to Harvard Square holding black flags and banners.

The protest – which is one of three organized by SAC-USA (the other two being in New York and Washington DC) – attracted a large number of students from Harvard College, Kennedy School of Government, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Massachussetts Institute of Technology, Tufts University, Fletcher School of Law, Boston University and other premier institutions of the Boston region. Joining students in their demands were doctors, lawyers – particularly the National Lawyers Guild, Massachusetts chapter-, professionals of Pakistani origin and other members of American Civil Society.
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Zardari and Sharif vow to restore Judiciary within 30 days of formation of Parliament

In a joint statement of Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari they have come together to form a coalition govt and have promised to reinstate all deposed judges within 30 days of Parliament. Aitzaz Ahsan welcomes this new development and states that countdown will begin.

In all honesty this could be the ‘face-saving’ excuse that Nawaz Sharif needs to enter into the coalition to form the government, as in the past few days it had slowly appeared that Zardari was least interested in any discussion leading to the restoration of judiciary, it simply did not benefit him and his party to even talk about the judiciary. This new joint statement allows Nawaz Sharif some breathing room for another month but the focus will then be squarely on the ‘duo’ to fulfill this promise to the people of Pakistan. I personally celebrate this news but raise a concern that it could only be delaying tactics an attempt to diffuse the issue the restoration of judiciary into irrelevance.

As reported in Dawn
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