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Interview of Humayun Chacha a Tailor who becomes President of PTI Kohat

A simple tailor Humayun Chacha from Kohat becomes the President of PTI Kohat – this is how a common man can take part in changing Pakistan – listen to his interview by Insaf TV

Watch the video on Insaf TV

IPOR Conflict of Interest turns into a Conflicting Mess

Yesterday we wrote about a serious conflict of interest issue in the results of the survey conducted by International Republican Institute (IRI) which had outsourced the project to IPOR. In the declaration of the results IRI choose not to disclose that IPOR, the agency hired to conduct the survey in Pakistan had a financial conflict of Interest as it provided research / survey services to political parties like PML-N, PML-Q & MQM.

Since the story broke out yesterday and our blog post, IPOR has literally gone out on a limb to further dig itself into a deeper hole – instead of a carefully measured statement trying to clear up their name and show evidence that the survey was conducted in a truly “unbiased and non-politically inclined manner” the IPOR owners in panic simply choose to sneak in website modification of their client list to include PTI and chose to delete MQM, it now states

“IPOR have the International Republican Institute (IRI) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) as its primary clients. Within the short span, IPOR has developed a diverse clients-base of political parties and politicians from PTI, PML-N, PML-Q, MQM

IPOR 30th Jan Update

The issue here, which I guess they too did not realize – is that no matter which party is listed as their clients, for them to conduct a political popularity survey on behalf of IRI while maintaining a financial relationship with the very same political parties is a definite conflict of interest which should have been disclosed as part of the IRI survey, anything not disclosed and hidden should be considered as a serious defect of the survey.

This accidental revelation damages the credibility of IRI – and now studies emerging from this organization will be viewed with microscopic care especially as a neutral unbiased polling agency in Pakistan.  IPOR will probably feel the pinch and it is possible IRI might sever relationships as well.  An argument could easily be made that IPOR has a business to run and needs these clients to make money but strategic calculations should have been made to weigh in the conflicting interests, which im sure any such agency would be well aware of.

The IRI results are interesting but quite suddenly their credibility has been seriously tarnished and IRI stands to be blamed for not declaring this conflict of interest by their hired agency

PTI True Democracy: Humayun Chacha becomes PTI Kohat President & 25 year old Gul Sahib Khan PTI Karak President

PTI Intra-party elections are under a severe level of scrutiny – but one takes hope when such stories emerge were a simple daily wage worker lik Humayun Chacha gets elected as PTI Kohat President (Official confirmation still pending) – this is an example of true political democracy making room for simple Pakistanis to emerge into main stream politics. PTI does not believe in familial politics but relies upon genuine democracy to bring about a positive change in Pakistan

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Why PTI is the Biggest Winner after Qadri’s Long March

Imran Khan and Tahir QadriTahir-ul-Qadri’s Long March ended with an anti-climax. The revolutionary zeal of the protestors was rewarded with a compromise. As the dust settles on another vital episode in Pakistan’s foremost soap opera, the character who will come out strongest is Imran Khan.

When PTI decided to boycott the 2008 elections it was subjected to endless abuse by supporters sick and tired of the incumbent regime. These people saw the party as a ray of hope amidst a horizon laced with crooks and criminals. They felt betrayed by the party’s stubborn refusal to budge. It was conveniently forgotten that these “elections” would be held under the aegis of a PCO judiciary unlawfully appointed by a military dictator. Furthermore, this judiciary was responsible for the passing of the NRO, granting amnesty to the biggest criminals of Pakistan. This leads us to a wider malaise infecting the nation: the addiction to quick fixes and fleeting pleasures. The commonly held notion implied that simply getting rid of PML-Q and Pervez Musharraf would somehow solve our problems.

What followed was extremely predictable yet scarcely believable. Musharraf was ousted to wild celebrations, just 9 years after being greeted in the same manner. He was replaced by Asif Ali Zardari, otherwise known as Pakistan’s biggest thief. Since then the journey has been increasingly downhill, towards hell itself. How could we expect anything else from the products of NRO? We lament the presence of tax evaders and hardened criminals in our parliament but after the sham elections of 2008 expecting anything else is absurd.
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How PTI Social Media Helped Imran Khan Dominate Asia Society’s 2012 Year-End Poll

2012 Asia Society Person of the YearWhen Asia Society launched their 2012 Asia’s Person of the Year reader poll this last December, they were inundated with votes — so much so that they thought something was amiss. In 2011, when their year-end poll ended they received 881 votes, total. In 2012, they we were getting that many votes every couple hours. And more than 90 percent of them were for Imran Khan to have finally received 11,000 votes (87%)

At first they thought the poll was being hijacked but it slowly dawned on them that it might actually be passionate Imran Khan supporters who voted for their hero. Dan Washburn asks me a few questions

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The PTI’s wise decision

Rehana Ahmed Batlay writes an Op-ed in Tribune titled “The PTI’s wise decision

“By taking a lone principled stand, the PTI has proven that it has matured as a political party. Had it been a part of the march, it may have found itself in the awkward position of being pictured arm-in-arm with leaders of a government that it is highly critical of. It resisted the opportunity for cheap publicity and did the right thing by remaining focused on the upcoming elections.” – More on EXPRESS TRIBUNE: The PTI’s wise decision

SHARIF SWINGS: From “Go Zardari Go” to “Stay Zardari Stay”

Not too long ago PML-N and Sharif’s were chest thumping a “Go Zardari Go” slogan asking Zardari to quit the Presidency – But suddenly Nawaz Sharif now wants Zardari to STAY. The Muk Mukka between the two is slowly getting exposed in front of the entire nation.

Pakistan needs great leaders like Imran Khan (official) who have principles and stand by it, not leaders who swing according to the changing seasons and this video is a prime example of Sharif’s changing their positions to suit their goal

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf: 7-Point Demands

PTI DemandsThe points presented by Imran Khan today 15th January at the Press Conference were as follows

  • We understand the bitterness of the people who are standing against these governments. This was inevitable as the performance of these incompetent and corrupt governments has made life miserable and has brought us to a point of desperation. We strongly support these people who want change. We condemn the use of force on them, and warn the government not to use force as this is a peaceful protest that includes women children.
  • We demand immediate elections and announcement of the date forthwith.
  • The spirit of the constitution demands a neutral caretaker set up which is impossible under Mr Asif Zardari therefore we demand immediate resignation of Asif Zardari as under him a free and fair election cannot take place.
  • We strongly believe that elections should be held on time as no reform agenda can come without an elected government that has a public mandate. We shall oppose any move that leads to delay in the election process.
  • A neutral caretaker setup should be announced for which all parties should be consulted and this Muk Maka drama should end.
  • The Chief Election Commissioner is a respectable person however the Election Commission has completely failed to implement the electoral laws that are being blatantly violated by both the Federal and Provincial Governments.
  • We demand the immediate implementation of the Supreme Court order in the Raja Rental Power case.
  • We demand the immediate arrest of the killers of the innocent citizens in Quetta and their swift punishment.

With the changing situation PTI workers should be ready and wait for my call.

Will Social Media Play Crucial Role in 2013 Election of Pakistan?

Social Media Vote ElectionsGhulam Sarwar at Pak Zindabad asks – PTI was among the pioneer Political Party, which was using Social media more effectively. The reason behind this was very simple, their mostly supporters were young and Social Media addictive… In Current Scenario it seems that only the PTI, PML-N, Pervez Musharraf, these guys are serious to use Social Media in the Up coming Elections. The sense of Social media is still in developing phase here in Pakistan. It will take time, but the future is very bright” via Gholam Sarver
Pak Zindabad: Will Social Media Play Crucial Role in 2013 Election of Pakistan?shared on Facebook by Awab Alvi

[PICTURES] Justice for Shahzeb Khan Peace Walk

Friends and Family members of Shahzeb Khan held a peace walk today in Karachi from Seaview to Shahzeb’s house to sustain the pressure on the investigation to capture the murderers

Picture credit Imran Ghazali

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[PICTURES] #Justice4ShahzebKhan protest at Karachi Press Club

Hundreds of students, youth, women, activists, members of family got together today in front of Karachi Press Club and marched for “In memory of Shahzeb Khan” and asked for Justice.

The crowd was passionate, angry, motivated and fully determined to fight for their rights and get justice for Shahzeb Khan. They demanded that the murderers of Shahzeb Khan must be punished so that other sons of Pakistan are not killed brutally like this. It was good to see good number of people turning out to protest representing all sections of the society keeping in mind that Pakistan vs India was also going on at that time.

Shahzeb’s father Mr. Aurengzeb gave 7 days ultimatum to the govternment to arrest the murderers otherwise another protest will be organized next Sunday and future course of action will be announced. The movement has just started it will go on till we get justice and bring rule of law in Pakistan.

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25th Dec 2011: A modest Smile, A modest Fist Pump – An Achievement of Immense Magnitude

a modest Smile, a modest Fist Pump – an Achievement of Immense Magnitude – YES WE KHAN : Sharing a few fun memories of 25th December 2011 – via Facebook

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