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Want to Guest Blog on Teeth Maestro?


There are many people who would like to share their opinion with the world, and what better place to publish your thoughts on one of the highly read blogs in Pakistan

If you would like to be featured as a Guest Blogger / Writer on Teeth Maestro all you have to do is submit your article below, alternatively you can also register on the website which will grant you ‘limited’ access to the writing page on the server, where you can easily compose your the article. It is then saved to be later reviewed by an editor of the blog for approval. We reserve the right to accept or reject the composition without providing reason

To get an idea on what is acceptable, we prefer to have articles about Pakistan, be it on any topic but generally Political issues are given far more preference than any other issue simply because, the basic readership is based around this specific topic Personal blog posts aka rants are definitely not acceptable, but we have been known to flex our envelop when it comes to good compositions.

The frequency of posting will generally be limited to one post / per author / per week. When composing the article please do a spell & grammatical check of your blog post to ensure that it does not require further editing, as we simply hate sitting and re-editing your crap, if such were to be the case regrettably your blog post might actually be found at the bottom of the trash-can.

You are welcome to provide a prominent link-back to your own blog, at one specific place as per your discretion.

EMAIL TO Gues@teethmaestro.com