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Are the Saudians guilty of 9/11


After the Michael Moore’s “Farenheit 9/11” was released it has haunted the Saudian Government to such an extent that they have launched a web campaign and adverts were displayed on Slate.com (picture attached)

Are the Saudians really guilty or is it just a clean up affair? One has to wonder – I am secretly glad that the Saudians were shipped out in time BUT then agaiin WHY? why them only i would then say BUSH is to blame and is guilty – he must have been in a haste to remove all evidence ASAP –

According to the Richard Clark in his book titled “Against All Enimes” he quotes Bush as saying that “find if Saddam is involved”. Bush only wanted revenge and that meant removing Saddam and invading Iraq like he has done so already


Here is a hyperlink of the website which it redirects to check it out –

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  • muhaammad n. binin |

    congratulation for being a muslim may god guide him to the right path.