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Kerry catching up

Well observing the Election Scorecard found on Slate.com its actually a better picture then viewing the millions of polls conducted USA-wide, they usually have a twist but what Slate does is combine all those polls and comes out with an average, they look at how each state is changing and can you guess what the latest predictions are? Kerry is close behind Bush with only 18 Electoral votes difference between them – thats a considerable gain since my last post where he was trailing by more then a 100.

My preception is that the media played up with the NO-WMD in Iraq issue well – its damaged Bush’s credibilty to a greater extent. The second presidential debate is on tommorrow I expect that to be a thriller with Bush recovering from the 1st debate by being a little bit more mature and not just acting like a sissy and repeating that – “Kerry also signed the consent to go to war” my dear ‘ol fellow Bush you presented the wrong facts to the nation and now blame it on the Congress for pushing you into the war it was your desciosn to twist the facts.

My fingers are crossed its Kerry’s turn to shine and I wish he plays to destory Bush’s crediblity even furthermore by hitting on Bush’s tax breaks and other internal issues (which this debate is primarily about)

To me Bush and Kerry are the same for the Muslim world but i just simply hate Bush’s gutts for what he did in Iraq and Afghanistan.

CYA tommorrow after the debate.

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