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Kerry does a SLAM DUNK

Kerry rolled Bush into a joint and smoked him away in the last presidential. Economy is Bush’s weakest link but still Kerry rolled him over – on the overall effect I think Kerry won

Lets hope it translates into a victory in November – Keep your fingers crossed

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  • Rafay Bin Ali |

    Kerry or Bush. Interesting debate – but only for the American public. For the rest of the world, especially Muslims, a win by Kerry only means a change of faces. Both are pro-Isreal. Recently, Senator Kerry defended Israel’s position about the wall raising. Senator Kerry was also one of those democrats who voted FOR the war in IRAQ.

    To be quite frank, I think Bush would be a better choice. He has been tested as the president and we are quite aware of how he reacts and handles to the situation. We cant be as sure about Kerry’s attitude towards the Muslim world.

    Rafay bin Ali