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Kerry slammed for pointing out Lesbian Mary Cheney

Kerry is loosing ground in the polls and is trailing bush 48-46 and experts say it is due to his comments on Mary Cheney being a lesbian. The reference to Mary actually weakens Bush’s stance on being anti-gay and for Kerry to use this reference in the debate, people say was an underhanded punch.

My opinion is who the hell cares – Cheney in the past has referred publicly accepting that Mary (his daughter) is unique and even when John Edwards had mentioned Mary in the much nastier vice presidential debate, Cheney had thanked him “for the kind words he said about my family and our daughter.”

For us Pakistanis – we wonder what’s the issue? Gay or Lesbian – please talk about something worthwhile


  • Ejaz Asi |

    So you actually wanna say, Fiker-e-Jehan Ho Kioon Ker Mujhey, jehan tera Hai Ya mera” :p Nice blog though

  • Rafay Bin Ali |

    Neither. Cheney’s daughter is not the one running for elections. The issue, my fellow Pakistanis, should be the unity of Ummah, solidarity and strengthening the nationhood that has not evolved after more than 50 years of independence – rather than Uncle Sam and elections.

  • Teeth Maestro |

    Rafay – unfortunately in the present situation it seems our destiny is tied more with Uncle Sam rather then the Ummah – we did see the good old days of a unified Ummah when Saudi Arabia was struggling back in the 80’s once they got out of that struggle, simply got engulfed in the Millions of OIL MONEY and so long – never worried about an Ummah since then – all they do is toot the horn once in a while, on the other hand Pakistan, a Muslim leader has been rattled by its 20 yrs of corrupt leadership is destroyed internally.

    I am with you that a unified Ummah is the order of the day but who do we look towards for our Ideals – none, i see no country who has the gutts to stand up, Iran is going to get creamed soon too.

    We desperately need a Unifed UMMAH – Im with you

  • Anonymous |

    No Ummah please. Are you ready to accept responsibility for the actions of every muslim? I’m not, I dont like the idea of an Ummah especially when there are soo many dangerous people running around. I think what Pakistan needs is more Patriotism. Too often I’ve heard a Pakistani describe him or herself as a Punjabi, or Sindhi. More than 50 years after the partition Pakistan still remains divided along ethnic lines. I don’t know if this will ever change, but it’s something to hope for.

    As an after thought don’t you get the feeling that Pakistanis are pulling Pakistan in different directions, that we don’t work together as one people?


  • Rafay Bin Ali |

    I agree with Sheysrebellion about the lack of patriotism in Pakistan. However, I do beg to differ on his/her opinion about the Ummah. The unification under one platform is the only way to tame the beast -read US. However, as Dr. Alvi has pointed out – who would actually take the stand.

    I think its not about guts. Rather, it is the inferiority that we have been influxed with that gives a negative connotation to all our actions. This inferiority is quite obvious through the number 1 moutpiece of the society – the Pakistani media. In all shades and walks of lives, an immitation (albeit, a rather cheap one) of American culture is portrayed integrated within our own culture. I remember a well-written article about this in DAWN MAGAZINE a couple of weeks back. A copy can be read at http://pseudo-genius.blogspot.com (its titled – Mind your language by Haroon Rashid).

    Unless with get rid of the extreme inferiority complex, we are as good as doomed.

  • kashmala |

    its a gr8 site but plllllllllllllllllz make a minor but important correction in it.pllllllllllllllllllllllllz stop using the abbreviation paki for pakistanis bcoz its not an abbreviation its a hate word which the europeans esp english people use for coloured nation like us.y cant u ppl just b pakistanis and y do u like being paki so much?