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Why is it important for Bush to win

I have been a staunch supporter for Kerry throughout the pre-election campaign and still hate Bush to the guts, but right at the last day, I might have a change in my overall decision. Why? You might ask, I feel that in the past 4 years the US has lost its credibility in the entire world and that I feel is important for an actual downfall of the US (Bully of the world). Let’s analyze each scenario and weigh the advantages of each

If in case Kerry wins then he promises to do an about-turn of the international policy and try his best to join hands with the disgruntled nations and improve the US ties with each of them, this in effect will undo what Bush has done, bear in mind that he does not plan to stop the army in Iraq and he will remain on a war footing for sometime to root out the Anti-US terrorist aspect.

If in case Bush wins then we see him continuing the same course of action, he will not pull out the forces from Iraq and the US will sadly continue to loose men on a day-to-day basis. Unfortunatley with the present attitude Bush will not be able to mend the relationships with the disgruntled nations and US will remain at daggerhead with all.

The Islamic world will remain under constant pressure, too root out terrorist activity, soon I predict attention will revert to issue of nuclear arsenal, and Iran followed by Pakistan will come in the spotlight. This scenario happens in both republican or a democratic leadership. So we Pakistani’s in actual affect do not gain to benfit in either way but looking at the overall picture I would rather have Bush at the helm of affairs to continune is his slumber and destroy the failing US economy and also the reputation of the United States of America.

Keep your fingers crossed, its midnight of the election with polls opening in 7 hours


  • Teeth Maestro |

    Shey’s Rebellion – Its interesting how you took my comments, have you truned a blind eye to what’s happening in Iraq. The US has lost more the 1000 soldiers but the other count no one keeps track of is the 14000 plus innocent live lost in this adventure. you simply cant compare it to the number of innocent lives lost during 9/11.

    The US has gone into this war with its own intention of conquering the Oil. I perosnally feel that was a horrible mistake and it was an attack on another nation – so who is the terrorist. Justify it all you want, blame Saddam, blame WMD’s, blame Al-Qaeda – it simply does not work

    As far as I am concerned, these are my opinions and does not reflect the immigrant population. I might be a bit too hasty to have used the word “downfall” I would agree that was drastic and withdraw it, I only use it to show how important it is for the US to mend its ways with other nations, I think Kerry would have been better for the world, on the contrary the Americans have thought Bush to be better as decided by the “Ohio Chad” – so who am I to argue. All the best and no harm intended