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Army Covering up Rape in Balochistan

Presently there is a massive Hush-Up operation underway by our most honourable Pakistan Army – black-out exists on all local media outlets to prohibit them to report the rape of a cerain Dr. Sadia.

The Army has also prohibited them from naming the primary accused rapist who is a serving Captain in the Pak Army known as Captain Ammad. The estalishment has also forced the lady doctor to deny all reports and she has failed to identify the culprits. Read more on the SA Tribune website which has done three extensive reports on this issue links are as follows

If you cant access the site then use this Anonymizer link


  • The MaEstro~ |

    The Bloachistan mess is sad and so is the latest incident, though i would be vary of some of the content that SA Tribune puts up…The website stinks with propoganda and prejudice…

  • Teeth Maestro |

    I understand your comment for the SA Tribune website, it indeed reeks of propoganda but if you look at the other local news agencies they present such a rosy picture that then you also get the impression of a choreographed propoganda.

    I read these news reports and deduce what is true, but thats only my presumption and more often then not it usually is true albiet a little exaggerated but true nevertheless.