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Pre-Rigged Iraqi Elections

Can you honestly believe that the upcoming elections in Iraq are fair and transparent. A few rules of the election day are as follows

  • Iraqis have to vote for ‘parties only’ since the names of the contesting candidates are to be kept secret for the sake of their security – that’s really nice, so any tom-dick-and-harry (read USA) can write any person’s name into the parliament ledger after the elections who happens to toot the right tune. Try doing such an election in Pakistan, I can just imagine our nation going crazy for a National Assembly seat.
  • With such secrecy how would the people know who stands for what. This is an extreme end of the so-called party based free-elections.
  • Iraqis are not allowed to congregate anywhere during the election day, vehiclur traffic is prohibited. in actual sense people have to walk to the polling station and similarly – so long for the ‘naray baazi’ (party chants).

These elections have been trumpeted as the cornerstone to a Liberated Democratic Iraq. What a fiasco – call these elections free and fair, M Y – A $ &

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