Democracy @ Gunpoint

Here is the cover of ‘The Economist’ which aptly describes the Iraqi Elections on the 30th
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The Election is in danger of seeming paraody of democracy. Almost two years after George Bush toppled Saddam Hussain, fear and murder stalk Iraq. How free is an election in which the citizen who dares to vote stands a fair chance of being shot, blown up or beheaded for his pains? America’s efforts to stablize Iraq have so far been ineffectual that even the location of the polling stations is having to be kept secret until the last minute….”








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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Shirazi sent me here. And this is what I have to say:

    I try to be rationale in life but, by nature, I am a sentimental and emotional being. Iraq is one of the fires within me ever since I fought Gulf War 1 in 1991.

    I was posted at Saudi city Ar’ar and nearby was American base. In our free time and lul periods, we used to get together.

    In my bunker I had pasted two photographs: One was of Saddam Hussain and the other was of President Bush (sr.) My Comrades used to ask me why? My answer used to be this: They are the two humans who are responsible for Iraq and what is happening to the great country. I still say the same. Saddam brought the country at the stage when America had to step in. And America could not handle the situation well.

    What is happening is only expected. No?

  2. Teeth Maestro Avatar

    Anonymous: Your post is indeed moving, I could not agree with you more, there are indeed two important people that have changed Iraq, Saddam was indeed a tyrant and had to be removed there is no doubt about this point but what the world gets irritated by is the way the entire propganda was carried out.

    The initial intent to go in was WMD’s (none were found – since none existed) the philosophy then took a twist and the US started a war-cry to hunt down Saddam and his cronies, the forces were sent in a hostile situation as the people of Iraq took them more as invaders rather then helpers (which the western media unsuccessfully tried to portray). The media showed a few images of Jubilant Iraqis dancing on the street, was it the actual pulse of the nation, I and you know it was far from reality. It now is an issue to provide democracy for the people of Iraq. In my opinion democracy has a different flavour in each individual country of the world and you can’t rubber-stamp the US-type democracy on war-ravaged Iraq.

    How can you expect people to vote when no one knew who the candidates were or where were the polling stations (kept secret for security purposes). The media claims a turnout of 8 Million voters out of 14 mill, honeslty the images shown in all news reports was not more then a thousand in total (another lie in the making). You now have to cook up 7.9 million ballots. One simple lie leads to another lie to cover up the inital lie. Why get into such a issue from the start

    The World has lost trust in the US because of its continued lying. I perosnally feel it is due to the lack of leadership of Bush Jr, who would rather spend time at Camp David and golf then try to sort out the image of his Nation.

    I apprecaite you posting on my Blog and honestly dont blame you (the forces) don’t blame the democrats who voted for Kerry, but blame all republicans to have choosen Bush Jr. into office (he is reported to have the lowest IQ of all time) to represent a world power.

    It scares me what he could do next with an idiot finger on the trigger. Aononymous: Would love to hear back from you to solve this debate and maybe guide me to more logical conclusions help me resolve my confusions