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Miserable Failure GoogleBomb

For those who are not aware of this old trick – simply type “Miserable Failure” in google search bar and the first relevant search will bring up the official George W. Bush biography from the US White House web site.

As descibed in Wikipedia – A Google bomb is an attempt to influence the ranking of a given site in results returned by the Google search engine. Due to the way that Google’s algorithm works a website will be ranked higher if the sites that link to that page all use consistent text

While a search for ‘waffles‘ will bring up John Kerry’s election site. I reserve my opinion on Mr. Miserable Failure but I surely do like his nickname.

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  • G3nu1n3 |

    Yup there was another one (fixed now by google ) …
    In the run-up to the Iraq war, internet users manipulated Google so the phrase “weapons of mass destruction” led to a joke page saying “These Weapons of Mass Destruction cannot be displayed.”