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Branding the Lie

It is well known fact that major brands openly lie to the public! People more often then not forget to read the ‘Astrerix’

Imagine you are the owner of McDonaldʼs.
Question: Whatʼs the truth behind your brand?
If the truth is:

  1. Your food is not healthy but tastes good.
  2. Your restaurants look and feel outdated.
  3. Your brandÂs ethics have been questioned in the past.

How does the brand acknowledge this? Interesting dilemma! I have never seen McDonald’s acknowledging the fact that their food sux or their restaurants are a stink bomb?

But somehow those Big Mac’s sell like crazy, It all has to do with a carefully choreographed marketing campaign – simply do not acknowledge the truth that it even exist, continue to lie and soon the public perception gets numb to the lies and then believes the LIE

Read more of the manifesto from Changethis.com

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  • merkin |

    Are you really a doctor, or a bored high school student? The inanity of these posts are making me consider the former.

    no offense.