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15 Things Not to do in a Public Restroom

…. In a public Restroom.

  1. Walk out of the stall and say, "Huh, I’ve never seen that color before…"
  2. Stand on top of the toilet, grunt reeeeally loud, then drop a heavy object in the toilet. Sigh Relaxingly.
  3. While in the stall, say loudly, "Awwww, isn’t it sooo cuuuute?!"
  4. Poke amirror underneath your neighbor’s stall and say "Peek-a-boo!"
  5. Say when you walk out, "Huh, I don’t remember eating that…"
  6. Whenever someon tries ot get in the restroom, dart in front of them to block them, bark at them, whack ’em in the head, or scream "MINE!!"
  7. Get a bottle of Mountain dew with squirty lids, run around the room with it between your pants, squeezing it, and shouting "WOAH NELLY!!"
  8. Walk out and say "Maaaajor clean up in stall #3.."
  9. Get 73 bottles of water with squirty lids and squirt them non stop in the toilet. Sigh Relaxingly
  10. Bang on an occupied stall and scream "AAHH!! THE POTATOS ARE COMMING TO GET MEEEEE!!"
  11. Grunt really loudly for 10 minutes, like you’re in labor
  12. Some how, get into and occupied stall, tell them you’re not potty trained and ask for help.
  13. Start singing the ‘I’m too Sexy’ song, start stripping, and throw your clothes into other people’s stalls.
  14. Reach underneath other peoples’ stalls, complaining of a lost contact.
  15. Go into the opposing gender’s restrooom, pointing, saying " WOAH! What the heck are those?!", "Oooh, where can I get one?", or stare like you’re very interested, perhaps pretending ot take notes.
Credit to wolffire @ Deviant Art

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