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Reverse Spamming

How many times have you, the internet surfer, wanted to ask a one-time question on a website and for that simple one-time use you are forced to register by providing a valid email address.

In your heart you know for sure that later on you will be spammed to hell for this small wish of yours. I used to pull one of my junk email addresses, coutesy of Hotmail and enter it into the email field. Then I have to go and fetch that emial from the hotmail account and click-thru to finally activate my account. The future then holds a barrage of Viagra / Phd degree spam emails that I am doomed for life (my junk email account to date recieves 200 junk emails daily). I find it irritating that spammers get to hit me later to their hearts desire, I wish I could bombard them with tons of – "No address found emails" Now I can …… read on …..

Some creative domain owners have found a solution to defeat the spammers at their own game, they now provide you with a random email address for 24 hours this allows you to receive that critical activation link sent straight to your email account, use it and after the 24 hr time limit the address simply vanishes into thin air and now potential spammers get that Vaigra email showed up their ass. I now call it Reverse Spamming ….

Check it out on spamday.com

What is your creative idea to defeat spammers at their game?

One Comment

  • Shirazi |

    Reverse spamming is a nice trick but do we have to remeber more usernames and passwords?