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Email Privacy does NOT exist in Pakistan

Email privacy is probably the last thing on our minds in a country where Human Rights and Freedom of Speech does not exist. Take a look at a post by Yassir Suleman Memon on his Blog where he sheds some light on our agencies monitoring all email messages in and out of Pakistan.

My twsit on this issue, I seriously doubt that the agencies are so well organized to be able to filter through thousands of messages in Pakistan, how long will it last is for all of us to find out with time. I think for now we can rest easy

What are your concerns? Are you worried?


  • Shirazi |

    I got this email from one reader today:

    Mr Shirazi,
    I had emailed you before too, and am a regular reader of most of your articles which you contribute to Sci-tech World. Today I want to ask you about a news item, which I think you also must have read in the newspapers about all e-mails being subject to scanning by our government. The news is ” Privacy of some 7 million email users in the country is prone to violation as the govt admitted in the NA that log-files of users’ internet activity were kept for a period of one month for security reasons.” I just want to know if you can provide light on this topic, that why such is going to be done, and does this mean that all email users will loose their privacy of their accounts?? What exactly is our government going to profit out of it?? I would be thankful if you can reply me back with the answers to my questions mentioned here.

  • yasirmemon |

    The government has already had a very bad track record of managing its NADRA database. I hope the emails archive doesnt end up in a datawarehose run on something like Teradata!

    Since the statment has issued in the National Assembly, be it on purpose or by mistake. The fact stands that all emails by Pakistani citizens are being monitored.

    Filtering something from an already stored email archive might be a difficult task. But if any monitoring is taking place it has to be through simple filters applied at run time. E.g. Filter out only emails containing the word “Bomb”…

    Probably something like the filters we use in our email accounts ourselbes…. Tracing a few suspicious words and archiving such coppies wouldnt be no big deal, that too at a time when Pakistan has all the support it can have from the US.

    I wonder how the government plans to track people who send emails using different encryption algorithms. Would they install key loggers on all the PCs in Pakistan?