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Pen & Paper Essay – DUH !!!!


Gone are the days of classical essays, where emphasis was on composure, spellings and punctuation. In comes our new generation which is fluent in computer based word processing, replacing the classical pen and paper. It seems ‘that old style’ is to cumbersome.

How do you still fare on the pen and paper method of writing compared to computer based essay writing?


  • Shirazi |

    Thanks for bringing this important aspect up. Yes, writing simple prose is too cumbersome in this Computer Age when students write “u” for you, “Gr8” for great or “Inov8” for innovate and total disregards to capitalization s the norm of the day. What is more, they get away with this because teacher some time accept this.

    As you are on it, I draw you attention to another difficulty here:


  • BaptizedLucifer |

    at the same time, its so damn annoying when desi send you email’s saluting you with a ‘dear respected sir/ma’am’ and signing it off with “your faithfully/sincerely” and other such leftovers of colonialism.

    btw, even tho i’ll be pursuing a high degree in technical communication, wordprocessors are used only for “printing” stuff, and then for typing out the final draft.. needless to say u need a spell check when u TYPE stuff out… dont want ur report othave errors eh? All the other composition and drafts.. done with pen and paper… just dont know how anyone can concentrate on their writing when doing it on a computer… what when u have internet access on it too 😀

    shirazi.. stop advertising urself. 😀 j/k

  • Shirazi |

    But I can’ stop advertizing myself. Really! You know why? Ask me.

    BTW, have you read the report I mentioned?

  • BaptizedLucifer |

    actually its pencil and paper for me. and black ink for math please.

    even designers of all sorts sketch on paper first… (yeah yeah lightpens do exist).. so pen.. pencils.. papers… and books still are and always will be in… reason? they’re easier on ur eyes!

  • Shirazi |

    Hi BaptizedLucifer, thanks for caring to respond and much thanks for reading the piece I reffered. You must try mentioned software to detect plagiarized parts and indicate them here. I will confess. Honest.

    BTW, Ican take much more than this.

  • Teeth Maestro |

    I am impressed shirazi – you were quick to pick that up 😉

    thats my experimental piece – playing with wordpress till I am comfortable with it – BTW how did you find out? did one of the link backs give it away?

    For the rest this wordpress site is NOT my final site – I am just playing with wordpress out there

    teeth.blogthing.com – free hosting until I am ready to migrate – will keep you all posted.

  • BaptizedLucifer |

    tm – wordpress is good stuff. Also, one is almost always initially impressed by the attention they get from a stalker 😉 it turns into a nightmare later on 😀 especially a stalker who plagiarizes 😀

  • Teeth Maestro |

    Baptized Lucifer – your last comment had me ROFL (Rolling on the floor laughing). Shirazi is a good friend, and I think he only had good intentions when he wanted us to read his article. It was an interesting read.

    Lets call a peace for now, you can crack at each other… probably in an another world later on 😉

  • Dinky Mind |

    I like writing with a pen rather than using this ever-confusing keyboard. It’s probably because I have got a very bad typing speed. Or probably, I love my writing, which is not at all cool. lol.
    They say its easy to write using a keyboard, but I don’t find it that way. I always keep a pen and a notepad with me, although I can store some of my data in the computer, but then I don’t derive that satisfaction in typing.

    Cheerio =)

  • gypsy in the wind |

    I love your blog. Found it by surfing… anyways… I am a newspaper reporter so I prefer to write down my stuff on paper first and scratch through ideas before hitting the keyboard…. I can edit things better with a pen and pad than retyping something over and over… I also still have many pen pals in which we actually write cards/letters and use stickers and other forms of entertainment to decorate our envelopes and use actual stamps to mail them than count on email. While I love the instant emails, I pick snail mail over anything. Have a good safe weekend, amy of “wisdom of a moonchild”