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Bluetooth Virus coming to a Cell Phone near you.

Savvy cell phone users be aware of a virus slowly traversing the world. Bluetooth enabled cell phones are at risk of getting screwed big time.

Read in detail the article on slate.com where a certain paragraph caught my attention
Once smartphones have complex enough operating systems, it won’t be hard to write a worm that burrows in, harvests all your info, and squirts it out to a mailbox in Pakistan. That’s precisely what virulent computer worms like Sobig and Bugbear do.

Pakistan is no doubt famous thanks to our Brain.net brothers. On a side note cell phone users Beaware !


  • Teeth Maestro |

    Danial – Firstly I would like to comment that I was indeed impressed at the new urdu signature you have there. Nice job, I never thought of it 😉

    Brain.net brothers (Alvi brothers =DISCLAIMER= I have no relationship with them apart form having a similar last name) are credited for having desgined the first computer virus, it was desgined to prevent privacy of their software, a neat idea which goes down into the record books. Sorry for not having made myself clear on the original post since it was a tounge-in-cheek joke. Sorry

  • Gul |

    MashaAllah Awesome blog you have here…..its so much dedicated to u & ur profession.
    Well thanx for the acknowledgment this new this is very shocking for me bcoz i too have blue-tooth mobile which i use to ON all 24 hrz…NOW i try to be carefull

  • Khurram |

    Bluetooth viruses are overhyped. Not all cellphones which have bluetooth are capable of catching viruses. Only ‘smartphones’ with bluetooth are potential targets. Even then, anyone who has used such a smartphone will attest to the fact that it is impossible to install a program without the user’s knowledge, as installing each program requires the user’s interaction. Until such mobile operating systems allow programs to be silently installed, bluetooth viruses will only be installed by totally clueless users who have no idea of the phone they are using.

  • Adeel Ahmed |

    I am one of the victims to a virus; it resides in my Nokia 3230. I’ll be grateful if any one of you could suggest me a solution @ my e-mail.

  • Teeth Maestro |

    Adeel – I myself have Norton Antivirus installed in my Nokia 9300 communicator but that antivirus is only for communicators and would have no clue on how to debug your problem – a good avenue is to sign into some of the Yahoo groups where I was also lucky to come across the cracked version of the Antivirus – ask questions there and you just might get lukcy – hope this helps