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Led Zeppelin playing Satanic Messages

Conspiracy theorists have created stories about each and every issue of our normal daily life. I myself grow tired of these claims, which I feel are just pure coincidence. I am sure many of you recall the $20 bill fold a few times showed the world trade center, heck if I folded the $100 bill a million times I might even get a million dollars

Of all people Led Zeppellin being blessed by satanic powers (hmmm think about it maybe?) His famous track Stairway to Heaven if played backwards reveals a satanic message.

What do you have to say in this satanic conspiracy theory?

Check this link out on Jeff Milner

Courtesy Omar Q


  • James |

    I think that we should watch out because it’s a sign that there is already a satin on this planet and is trying tyo screw with our minds

  • Kevin |

    What is everybody’s problem with satin? I happen to think it is a lovely material.

  • Sean Evans |

    I don’t really care if there is a satan, he aint trying to screw with our minds. Led Zeppelin are just an average rock n roll band. They are so cool. If you have heard their stuff you would know.They could just have been having fun and messing around, y’know. Stairway to Heaven is a kick ass epic song, and to be honest I couldn’t care less if has been ‘yampered’ with by this so called satan.

  • bogart |

    first off, it’s satan, not satin, and secondly, there ARE satanic messages in stairway to heaven if you play a certain part of it backwards.


  • Erik |

    God u kids.Satan is a fake i tell u…a fake.But yes Led Zeppelin rox so let them do wat they wanna do.

  • Salvador |

    Have you ever thought about this: Satan was the angel of music. Do you think he would use all his power (musical skill, knowledge, etc) to hypnotise you and stop paying attention to God. I’ll let you answer that question. Sadly, good musicians (Tool, Zepplin, etc) separate us from God and openly disrespect Our Saviour. Just think about that.

  • Brandon |

    Hey, George, that’s not how you spell weak, idiot.

  • tf |

    you reffered to led zeppelin as “he” i hope you know thats a band name and not a real person

  • Travis |

    i just heard the clip for the first time, and i’d have to say, it’s pretty convincing. oh, and beside all of this, so many of you on here are completely and utterly stupid.

  • mettle |

    lol this is the 666 time hearing it nand i still love it lol…

  • TauRaven |

    anyone with a basic understanding of the laws of physics and sound have to realize that one can make reverse noise say anything they wish it ro say… dynamics apply…but hell what do I know..I believe in reincarnation…

  • Peggy |

    I think Marilyn Manson is the biggest satanist if anybody. He is a reverand in the church of satan, and I think he is the real thing. He has been described as pure evil, and he tells kids to do evil things. He admits he is very anti god.
    Led Zepplin was one of the greatest rock bands ever. Nobody ever became a satanist just by listening to their music, and I love Robert Plant. He was such a good singer and song writer.

  • R |


    why don't we stop calling eachother names and start giving some more reasons for our opinion. I'll give one for mine: Jimmy Page is widely seen as satanist and occultist. For me as a Christian that is reason enough to mistrust his music and not to listen it. As for satan to be the fallen angel of music: I would like to ask you to please give some Biblical reference for that (and know that the psalms are written as music too).