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2nd update – Blogger to WordPress move

As you might have noticed I have gone MIA (Missing in Action) for the past few days, the reason being I am in intensive development stage (I am well past puberty so its not growth development) It is development of my WordPress blogging site. Here is the update

I have obtained a testing site at "teeth.negimaki.com" the hosts at negimaki were generous to offer me 1GB space + a gallery with an unlimited bandwidth. This site is my work in progress until I get hold of some good hosting service – will update you of the change on this blog.

Domain: I already am an owner of the domain teeth.com.pk which was basically registered to be used by Alvi Dental Hospital, I plan to use a subdomain either blog.teeth.com.pk or teeth.com.pk/blog, I await your input on the better subdomain to use.

WebHosting: The domain teeth.com.pk is hosted on Nexus.com.pk servers who have been my registrars for the past 4 years they until now provided me with mail + 15MB hosting + 2-yr domain registration for an unbeatable price of Rs. 2,300 (a good deal). When I move to WordPress it requires PHP and MySQL, nexus does not offer these services in its basic package. On a detailed hunt I found many cheap sites but seems like I will stick with Nexus for Rs. 5,000 for 1 yr Unix Lite hosting (do you think its a deal I should take or is there anything cheaper, but still reliable host)

WordPress: Installation is a piece of cake, the 5-minute install script is indeed good if not quicker. After that its onto the world of customizations, you can install from a selection of hundreds of themes and numerous plugins available freely on the web (but to install each plugin you need to upload them physically via FTP and ensuring that the CHMOD settings are ok?)

Design: Honestly I ain’t an expert designer/ programmer that I would come up with an amazing unique idea so honestly I am gathering stuff from all over, but when you look at the html code its all in PHP code and PHP to me is like reading French, but something which you can learn, so this dentist here is busy studying PHP code 😉 – fret not I’m up for this computer challenge.

Move from Blogger: I would love to move away from blogger as the quality of service is on the downhill, an outstanding tutorial was specially written for me by Yasir Memon (thanks) I found a few others at Catstutorial which uses Andy Skelton’s Importing tool (PS if someone has this tool please email it to me as somehow my computer refuses to open Andy Skelton’s website) also give a step-by-step pictorial guide to help move to wordpress. The biggest problem is how to tell your followers to update their bookmark – Honestly it is not easy and I also shall remain grateful to all for their understanding.

Will keep you all posted hopefully on a daily basis, I would like to thank Shirazi for pushing me to maintain an open journal putting pen-to-paper all my hurdles during this stage of development, this may also serve as a point where we all can discuss problems during this stage of development.


  • Teeth Maestro |

    Well I hope it does – though blogger helped me launch me into the world of blogging, it has gone awry, jsut to make this post I had to reload 5 times and each time I prayed that ‘I hope I dont loose the data stuck in-between screens’ It did show up but viola TWICE and had to delete one. Thats crappy and I am even more convinced that I have made the right decision to move to WordPress. I just need everyone’s support during this touch phase.

  • Shirazi |

    Best thing about blogger.com, apart from the fact that it is good for beginners, is that it is free. No?

  • Misha |

    I just noticed that blogger seems to be down. Since this is the first time I’ve had such an experience with it, I’m willing to forgive and forget, but if it continues, maybe I’ll join in the migratory pattern started by you. 🙂

  • Shirazi |

    I have been to your upcomming site. It shows the taste you have man (Envy).

    But the comments are yet not working and the page opens with error. It is my computer or any problem see to them. Cant wait for it come online.

  • Andy |

    Re my script: Try taking trackback/ off the end of the URI you’re using. Or just go to skeltoac.com and look in the WordPress categories.

  • waqas |

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  • Tahir Akram |

    A.A Doc Teeth;

    I am also a person who is looking for hosting WP blog to his own. So I have some questions…

    First: of all as you tried, I also make a drill on a free hosting of making all things configured and tested. But Negimaki is not accepting registerations. So if you know any site who provides WordPress free hosting, them must share with me (I am too looking for this).

    Second: You are using any plugin for adsense? If yes then is it efficient enough to place relevant add to specific places. Like you are showing 5 ad units on a page. First 2 ad units (banner and link ads) before post subject seems a common area for every post, so I think you yourself had posted script. And rest of 3 are a block middle in your post and 2 are link ads wrapped comments area. So is this plugin work? Or you have pasted script yourself.

    Third: And most important is hosting. I have questioned Nexus for hosting packages for WordPress hosting and they have qouted me 2 suitable packages. One is 2795 (UnixBasic) and second is (UnixLite) 5000 /Rs for 1 Year. For me both are very costly. I can go with first option if it valid for 2 years.

    So Doc, you need answer these questions on getting time after pulling out teeth of people :0). Waiting…