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My Birthday too

Isn’t it surprising when you accidently find that some other person happens to have the same Birth date as yours. Well I was surprised to find that Shirazi and myself having the same Date of Birth which is 5th April [mind you I have no idea if our year coincides; PS- dont wanna know as I think one of us; more likely myself; might end up to be older 😉 ]

This reaction is strange as there are a few billion people on Earth and only 365 days to be born on so I wish the rest of the couple million or so folks having the DOB on 5th April a very Happy Birthday.

Wish Shirazi a Happy Birthday at this link


  • Shirazi |

    Awab, you have the initiative. Your birthday wishes and they way you have wished me is one of those things I am not going to forget any time soon.

    I will not date myself but I am in the age where one still is emotional and thinks with heart rather than mind. Seeing your post at Light Within, I got very emotional.

    And a very Happy Birthday to you. May Allah the exalted bless you now and always.

  • Saad Hilal |

    Happy birthday.tum jiyo 1000 saal.har saal kay hoon din 50000.I think it goes like that.

  • BaptizedLucifer |

    im late. as always. 😀 haha thi swa smeant to be eh? seems as if shirazi lives on this blog 😛

    Hmm, i actually came across an Aussie with exactly the same d.o.b as mine. They was weird. 😀

    hilal yeh tum dua dya rahay ho kay budua 😀 i mean… its not cool to be that old… its horrid 😀

  • G3nu1n3 |

    Doc. Pardon me for being late … yaar im really having some troubles getting back on my cyber side.

    Anyway enough of me foe now …


    May You have MANY More.


    Khush Rahain Jahan Rehain.