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Blogger to WP migration: My Experience

The concept took birth about a month ago when I seriously explored the idea of taking my blogger experince to a different level.  Being a novice I downloaded the WP 1.5 release onto my present hosting only to realize I needed to upgrade my basic service to include PHP & MySQL.  Exploring various hosting services I finally resorted to Nexus.net.pk my orginal hosting company as I felt confident with them.

For the month I frequeted the forum at wordpress.org and their codex and wiki sections to better understand the coding.  Its not simple HTML (like in Bloggler) but based on a PHP database, for a novice it takes a bit getting used to.  I ended up running a test site until I had finalized my hosting service (A word of thanks must go out to the kind people at Negimaki.com fo roffering me 1GB of free wordpress hosting).

The test site allowed me to install wordpress to my hearts desire, I had almost 35 differnet themes in the installation and more then 20 plugins (I liked about 12).  I played with the code and will continue to do so until its no longer fun 😉

The migration from Blogger.com to my WordPress was a piece of cake and credit goes out to Catsutorial where a picture based tutorial exists which literally takes you by the finger through to the successful migration when used in conjunction with Andy Skelton’s Blogger Importing tool.  (Thank You – would have been lost without them)

Before the transfer I designed a prominent banner on the Blogger site where visitors can easliy click through and also a simple post announcing the move only then did I proceeeded with the transfer.  It was uneventful and a simple 30 min job.

Today I sit here making adjustments on the posts and assigning them to various relevant categories simultaneously making some essential formating changes which somehow appear awkwad in this new theme.  A few hotlinking pictures are not fully funtional and comment email alert is not upto the mark will have that also sorted out.  I would recommend all users to register their avatar at Gravatar.com since my blogger is Gravatar enabled and your avatar will automatically show up on your comments.

Would I do it again? – YOU BET YOUR ASS I WOULD ;).  Now I return to some serious blogging.  Talk to you later 


  • echa |

    just in case if you don’t notice yet, there’s an error on your archives 🙂
    now is the step to know more about php and mysql, right? i am still learning too. I moved to WP in march this year after using PMachine since 2003 🙂 I find WP useful!

    i like ur header image 🙂

  • shobz |

    hey there. congrats on shifting ur blog to a new domain. i havent updated my blog as i was busy with the NUS Conference last week. i am in the process of updating it. so wait for the next installment of the days of my life.

  • danial |

    Welcome to the wordpress world. Not only blogger to wordpress, moving from almost all popular blog options is peice of cake in wordpress installation. I moved my blog from moveable to wordpress in 10 minutes (5 mins wp install and then importing and setting options).

  • Jalpari |

    Its good to know that u choose nexus.net.pk as ur hosting providers. I am also using their services since 2006 and i am satisfied customer.

    Their support team is also very supportive and helpful.

    As far as wp concerns, i would like to say u did great job becoz blogger has quiet complex admin panel as compare to wordpres.

    I always use wordpress CMS becoz i love it