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Pakistani Blogger: G3nu1n3

Pakistani Bloggers G3nu1n3 – A Pakistani Blogger from Islamabad, blogging for about 6 months from 26th Oct 2004 has to-date an astonishing 1300+ posts on his blog, that puts him on an average of 8 posts per day for his 168 days of blogging. A huge number by any standard…

I myself, probably started following him from November ’04 and have been glued to his blog ever since as I feel its now my one-stop source for all IT-related information. I sometimes feel its too much information for one human to possibly comprehend, but then its human nature to have the greed for more. A point in time may come when you say to yourself "I have explored every nook and cranny of the internet" but then G3 at his blog would produce another impressive post that would send you down for another solid hour of surfing.

Strangely it took me sometime to decipher the word G3nu1n3 as Genuine but now I honestly believe that he is indeed true to his name. Many bloggers sweep into the world like a brilliant Halley’s comet but disappear before you even know it, G3nu1n3 is undoubtedly here to stay.

If you are looking for a quick dose of uptodate technology articles then turn to the G3-Blog

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