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Mr. 10% returns to Pakistan

It is surprising that Asif Ali Zardari is due to get a hero’s welcome when he lands in Lahore on Saturday 16th. I still can’t stomach the idea that he was released and all charges against him were dropped. He now has a smirk on his face saying he is innocent, famously known as Mr. 10% he comepletely destroyed our counrty not once but twice over can we hosnetly sit and watch him take charge a thrid time? It pisses me off. The govt is making a big Ho-Ha affair when we all know its just a game to save face and also allow him to return. We shall only find out tommorrow on what develoments take place. What do you think of this scam?


  • Khurram Farooq |

    Sorry that this comment is not related to the post above. There’s nothing I hate more than Pakistani politics. Anyway, I just wanted to say I saw your “Nutcracker Teeth” campaign on Shara-e-Faisal. Nice!

  • Teeth Maestro |

    @ Khurram – Thank you for the supporting words – the billboard was supposed to be a bigger & wider – in fact we had permission but the Billboard Mafia has us against the wall and we ultimately decided that ‘something is better then nothing’ thats the reason for a small pylon board.

    @ Farrukh – Thank you also for appreciating my point of view

  • Saeed Khan |

    Please dont give up your dream of a free Pakistan that easy.Punjab has to lead and we must come out of our houses and start a civil disobedience “Phaya Thoor” strike.That is how we got rid of evils like Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.It aint coming easy.

  • saifi bajwa |

    we are all thankfull to that provide vast information our most cruppted leader mr.10%zardari.it is badluck of pakistan that a person who destroyed pakistan economic now a days he is most papular leader of pakistan.our nation had forgotten of his background.i want aware my pakistani brothers trough this site that leave support of zardari and his party and save our country futur caouse mostly son is like father and bilawl will also repeat his father’s history and he will destroy again PAISTAN

  • Laila Ahmed |

    Mr. Bhutto was a great leader. We are secure today because he founded the nuclear program, our economy survives shocks because of the remittances sent by workers he sent after giving the right of passport to all Pakistanis and by cultivating close relations with the Arabs. He was a friend of the poor and that is why the seths, faujis and corrupt politicians like Ch. Shujat despise him. And re: Asif Zardari, Pervez Ellahi has broken all previous records of corruption… he is the “JAGGA DAKOO” who has grabbed all the land. Musharraf has made a lot of money through Pervez Ellahi and stock brokers… he is just smarter because he has front men posing as businessmen

  • Laila Ahmed |

    Dr. Awab;

    Why don’t you write about the corrutpion and loot of the Army. It is a much .. much bigger issue than commissions in some deals. You need to study and research before you shoot off immature and subjective invectives against the politicians

  • a teller |

    Zardari is known as MR 10%.neither he is educated nor he has leadership skills….