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Sweet Revenge for Pakistan Cricket team

I write this post while our cricket team is on the brink of a historic win in India. They have tumbled out 7 indian batsmen and stand 100 runs. It would mean a 4-2 series win for Pakistan. Amid some crowd troubles but the moral of our team is high and it should rightly be so. It is sweet revenge for the defeat the Indians handed to us in the last series in Pakistan

We should give them a hero’s welcome on their return home. Pakistan Zindabad

UPDATE (2-hrs later) Pakistan has nailed the series 4-2 and has won the Series on the Indian soil by 159 runs. BRAVO!!


  • echa |

    I’ve never watched cricket and this sport is new for me 😀 but from my guy i heard pak won 🙂

  • shobz |

    i am glad that pakistan won. i dont have any interest in cricket however i am glad pakistan beat india on their own soil. muah hahahah

  • BaptizedLucifer |

    hey thats the largest margin in history for indians on indian soil to lose by ever 😀 we made a record there… and some more…

  • 'ka |

    wow… congratz for pakistan! that must be 1 incredible feeling, huh? 🙂

  • Farooq |

    I am so happy.God give great strenth to our team
    .Inshaallah God helps us.

  • delhi boy |

    i think while playing with australia any country also indian cricketers were polite and the australians were harshly reacting after defeating the wicket i hate that thing it was looking like that we are till now under slavery when any britisher or english person becomes heavy on an indian also indians have to be cruel after getting a wicket give the rival a tough reaction after taking any wicket ……..be brave indians..

  • mubashir |

    i love to watch pakistan winning over all the teams espically over india i love pakistan