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Nokia 9300 Communicator

Nokia 9300

I proudly announce that today I became a proud owner of a Nokia 9300 Communicator. It means an end to my crappy PDA Handspring 270 and I now move up the mobile ladder to hold a slick and stylish piece of equipment.

I got this as a birthday present, and I surely am NOT complaining you can imagine the entire evening was spent playing around with the gadget. It is new to me as it is based on a Symbian OS – in contrast to my old Palm based system for which I had tons of games/utilites to spend my free time, I now turn to the internet to provide me with alternatives and as I browse around there are tons of software to my liking. Though the 9300 is smaller and much more stylish but it lacks a camera – heck I can live without it and also a WIFI connection (that hurts a bit but I make up then with a GPRS connection). The 9500 has both BUT then it is too bulky and similarly less stylish, I am quite a happy man today.
psst. I am on the hunt for a crack site for symbian softwares

What neat piece of mobile do you have to make me jealous 😉