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Guide : How to tweak WordPress Template

An interesting read here ….

There have many concerns and question about the template system used in WordPress.

Mostly the concerns are with n00bs and the complications of PHP. “I want to change this and that, but don’t know PHP”.

I hear this a lot. But the thing is, you don’t need to know PHP to change the Templates in WordPress.

Matt explains why WordPress isn’t PHP and how to easily change the WP templates.

Read Article : WordPress is not PHP

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  • Teeth Maestro |

    A perfect tutorial to wet ones feet into the WordPress / PHP programming – for a person like me who has no idea about programming it took a shade longer to comprehend the system.

    Thank you G3 for a good post

  • KO |

    i found the address on the about page… didn’t think of clicking there earlier.

    the next version of WP is going to be quite something- it will have ajax built in. which is going to enable some pretty kick ass stuff.